Friday, 26 October 2012

Inspirasi Hijab Outfit Warna Pastel : Broken White dan Nude

My father once said, if we have a bad mood and stand in front of our closet trying to pick what to wear today, we tend to choose darker colors. 

"That is not good," He said. It only make our mood got worse and people can really see that we are in a bad mood. First thing to do in the morning is to cheer up and wear some clothes in light colors.

It was pretty weird because I used to love navy blue and I took my father's advice in fashion :D. I don't know if it is right or just me taking it seriously. But I love pale and pastel colors since then. Hahaha...

Now, every time my mood got bad when I need to go out, I dress up in light colors and put on my peach lipstick just to cheer myself up. It doesn't always work, but I feel better. At least my face doesn't look so depressed :D.

Beside pink and gray in my first pale palette post, this one is my favorite palette too: broken white and nude.

Shirt - My Mom
Pants  - Shafira
Bag - Unbranded

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Umrah (Cerita Umrah - Part II)

Wow, today is 9th day of Zulhijjah. Are you fasting today? Well, I am. I have cold actually and sore throat too. But I don't want to break my fast because I want to finish what I have started so breaking it would make me feel like 'chicken' :D.

My Mom texted me asking how I was and I said it's okay. Can't wait for Maghrib and I just want to drink a big jar of water. Hahaha... 

Today I want to continue my story about the Umrah. 

The next day, two days after the first umrah, we were gathered early in the morning, at about 3 a.m. The lead of the group, H. Dede would take us to see the cave of Hira in The Hill of Nur (Jabal Nur).

The Cave of Hira is where the first revelation, Al-Alaq (96, 1-5), revealed to the Prophet, Muhammad. Here I found the English translation version from Wikipedia

96:1 Read in the name of your Lord, Who created-
96:2 Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood ['alaq علق]:
96:3 Read! And thy Lord is Most honourable,-
96:4 He Who taught (the use of) the pen,-
96:5 Taught man that which he knew not.

It was still dark when we were arrived. And literally, we had no idea what we were going to through. I mean, we didn't know that it was a crazy rocky hill climbing because we can't hardly see anything. We were only told that we're going to set our shubuh prayer at the top of the hill and we were so excited. 

It was a very long walk. We, women, just couldn't stop asking H. Dede, "Are we there yet?" and he only smiled and replied, "It's nearby. We only take two turns more, to the left and to the right." 

"Stop whining," He said. "Siti Khadija used to climb up and down this hill every day to send Muhammad some food."

It silenced us for a while.

But we are women, so we kept asking the same question although we knew the answer would be the same. Hahaha...

I googled it and found that the hill is 2.500 feet high and there are more than 1165 rock steps to climb the top! Well, no wonder many of our elderly friends couldn't make it. 

Finally, we were arrived at the top of the hill. The view was great! We can see the glowing Masjidil Haram from up here! It was too bad that i didn't bring my tripod so many of the pictures are too shaky and blurred.

The view from the top of the hill 

Look, there are many hills like this in Mecca

We set our shubuh prayer and waited for the sun to come out. To reach the cave of Hira, we need to slip ourselves between two big lumps of rock bigger than our body. I was tiny enough to went through it but some men chose to climb up the big rocks just because it was easier for them.

We finally arrived at the cave. It was a little cave, only fit for one man in a praying position. The cave directly face the Kaaba in Masjidil Haram.

The Cave is a narrow space, only fit for one man to pray 
but it directly faces the Kaaba in Masjidil Haram

Took some poses :)

The steps to the top. 
Many goats on the hill

After some poses were taken with our cameras, we finally went down the hill. It was not as hard as we climbed up before but my feet were swollen and stiffed.

The next day, the fifth day in Mecca, we did our third Umrah. It was the last Umrah before we set out to Medina to see the Mosque of Nabawi. In between the tight schedule we made it to see the Hill of Rahmah (Jabal Rahmah). The hill where Adam and Eve finally found each other after they were outcasted and separated from heaven for hundreds of years. 

In front of the monument on the top of Jabal Rahmah

Care to ride a camel?

This is two women of our groups riding a camel :D

Pose pose pose :P

We stopped somewhere to pray.

Amih and Abah, the couple who always be seen together.
Amih held my hand during two sha'i in umrah.
But in the third sha'i she held my hubby's hand because I was exhausted.

The next day was our last day in Mecca. We were going to leave for Medina to see the Nabawi Mosque. We were informed if we want to buy Quran to be kept as a wakaf in Masjidil Haram. Wakaf is the dedication of properties by a Muslim through a will or otherwise for purposes recognised by Islamic law as pious, religious or charitable. Once this is done, the ownership is transferred to Allah. 

My Hubby and I searched for the quran and place them in one of the rack in Masjidil Haram. That day we did Tawwaf Wada', the last tawwaf. It is pretty hard to say goodbye to the Kaaba :(. 

We said our last prayer: to see the Kaaba again someday. Amiiin...

To be continued.

Monday, 22 October 2012

How To Wear Pink

Just a pink mood :).

Shirt - GDA
Pants - Plam Pants Pink Pastel by Queenova

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Chiffon Shawl Hijab Tutorial #2: Cara Mudah Memakai HIjab Sifon

Before I begin, I must tell you that this style is not a style that I invent myself. I saw it in a book (Hijab Simpel & Modis, Leny Riana & Irna Dewi, Demedia: April 2012) and I've seen it in many times in hijab blogs. So I'm not sure who invented this style. Here, I just want to share three modifications of this style.

This is the simplest way to wear hijab and some of you may have seen this style many times because I've seen it many times too. But even it is simple, we can modify it a little to make different looks just to make it seems like we're not wearing exactly the same style everyday. Hehehe... :D

1. Place the hijab on your head

2. Take both left and right side and cross them.
The right side to the left and the left to the right.

3. Tie them at the back of your neck.

4. Done

Now, I want to share three styles you can create only by adjusting the hijab on your face and secure it with pins. 

First style:
Show the inner a little. Adjust the hijab on your face and secure it with pins. In this style I secure my hijab beneath my ears. Just a little tip, always adjust your hijab style with your face because we all have different type of faces. 

Second Style:
Make it asymmetrical. 

Third style
Pull the hijab to front so it covers the inner

Just an idea to make this style slightly different. Hope you like it :).

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Chiffon Shawl Hijab Tutorial #3: Cara Mudah Memakai Hijab Sifon

This is another simple hijab tutorial :).

1. Place the chiffon shawl on your head
with one side shorter than the other

2. Take the longer side to the back of your neck

3. Pull it out to the other side of your neck
4. Take the shorter side

5. Pull it out at the same side as the first one

6. Adjust the hijab with your face and secure it with pins.

Chiffon Shawl - Mocca
Shirt - Tewink
Oxford Pants - House of Nabilia
Shoes - GOSH

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Umrah (Cerita Umrah - Part 1)

"Labbaik Allaahumma labbaiik. Labbaika laa syariika laka labbaiik. Innalhamda wanni'mata lakawalmulk. Laa syariikalak."

"Aku datang memenuhi panggilan-Mu, Ya Allah! aku datang memenuhi panggilan-Mu. Aku datang memenuhi panggilan-Mu, (Tuhan) yang tidak ada sekutu bagi-Mu, aku datang memenuhi panggilan-Mu. Sesungguhnya segala pujian, nikmat dan kekuasaan adalah kepunyaan-Mu. Tidak ada sekutu bagi-Mu."

Hm.. tiap kali mendengar kalimat ini rasanya gimanaaa gitu.  Hari Minggu lalu baru saja ikut pengajian walimatu shaffar seorang teman yang mau pergi haji. Jadi ingat kenangan waktu umrah bareng suami. Kangen sekali. Kapan ya bisa memenuhi panggilan haji. Huhuhu.... Amiiin... di dalam hati.

Jadi terpikir buat catatan perjalanan itu. Yah, gapapa deh udah lama juga. Ingin sekali mengingat kenangan ini just exactly the same seperti yang saya ingat. Moga-moga ngasih semangat ngumpulin duit buat haji. amiiin... 

Berhubung waktu memulai blog ini saya pengen ngelancarin tulisan saya dalam bahasa Inggris, saya switch lagi bahasanya ya. Saya udah lama euy ga nulis panjang dalam bahasa Inggris. Hehehe... Bismillaaah....

My Hubby and I went for Umrah in 2010. It's been a while now but I can't help writing about it. I want to keep the whole picture of the fascinating journey in my head. You know some memories are so precious and you just don't want to let it fade away. I want to feel the exact feeling when I recall the memory someday. 

My parents insisted us (My Hubby and I) to go Umrah. We were newlywed, young and didn't have much money, but still my parents insisted. They've gone for the Hajj on 2005 and they hoped the journey would be a good start to start a family. While in my part, I thought that was not necessary because we need to save money for housing, etc.

Well, long story short, we finally decided to go.

My Hubby and I arrived at Soekarno Hatta International Airport. We join the Umrah travel group there.

Waiting for the immigration thingy at Soekarno Hatta Airport

It was hectic in the airport during the departure. Many members of our groups are elderly and they had problems with Immigration Cards. They didn't know how to fill them and the buses arrived late so we didn't have enough time to fill them. When our airline was ready for boarding and the operator summoned us to board, we were still queueing somewhere. 

After a six-hours flight we finally arrived at King Abdul Aziz Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia around 10.00 pm (if I'm not mistaken). We were all wearing umrah travel nametags around our necks. There was a new regulation. Our passports were taken by the Saudi Arabia Immigration, and from then, the nametags were our identity card so we were told not to loose them.

They said the Saudi Government was worried because Visa for Umrah lasts for 30 days. But many people chose to wait for the Hajj season or worst, stay and starting a job. The government was anxious because of the increasing number of illegal residents.

We were told that Jeddah was one of the places for miqat, a place where you start your Umrah or Hajj. When we begin the Umrah, we start it with Ihram. You have to change your clothes first to do this. For women, they have to wear hijab that cover their awrah,  clothes that cover your whole body except face and your palm.

For men, they have to wear two pieces of a long detached fabrics. One to use as the top, and the other to use as the bottom. And men are not allowed to wear underpants too. 

Then we set our Niah and off to Masjidil Haram in Mecca by bus. We were all too exhausted and fell asleep along the way. 

Finally we were arrived at our hotel, Eimann Inn, around midnight. The hotel was great. It is only about 200 meters away from Masjidil Haram! We didn't have much time because we have to catch third state in Umrah: The Tawwaf. It was about 1.30 am, we were all sleepy, jet lag and exhausted.

Off to Masjidil Haram, we went. 

The mosque was absolutely beautiful!!! Even when I was sleepy. The walls, the lights, were glowing! I came inside and there it was: silence.

The odd - but beautiful - feeling. Sometimes I can feel this feeling when I recall the memory. This sudden silence hits my mind. Like I am in nowhere. People passing by, many in their white clothes. Utter their prayers in silence, in tears. Some whisper, but some utter them so fast. Some are upturn, some bow and covering their faces.  

And there it was, in the heart of the mosque, had been standing for centuries : The Kaaba. I felt numb at first. I wasn't sure about what I feel. I wonder how such a black box summoned people all over the world to come to visit it. 

We set our Isha Prayer and prepare for the Tawwaf. The head of our group, H. Dede, led the way to the Kaaba. 

"Labbaik Allaahumma labbaiik... Labbaika laa syariika laka labbaiik... Innalhamda wanni'mata.. lakawalmulk... laa syariikalaka."

Right then, I think I knew what I felt. I was overwhelmed with the feeling. The same feeling that has been a reason for people around the world to keep coming to see the Kaaba, I think. 
It's love.
Then I just wept like a child.

After Tawwaf we were moving on to the fourth state: Sha'iSha'i is to walk and to run slowly back and forth between the hill of Shafa and the hill of Marwah. Since Masjidil Haram continue to be broaden, these hills became a part of the mosque. It's a pretty long walk actually. 

There was one old lady who loved to be by my side holding my hand along the sha'i. I called her Amih or Mom in Sundanese. Amih is bigger than me so walking with her grip on my hand along the way is pretty exhausting. Especially when we're going uphill or downhill  Hehehe.... 

After Sha'i, there's a last state of umrah called tahalul. Tahalul means to cut, at least three strands, of your hair. For men it is better to make it bald. Then the Umrah was complete.

We went back to our hotel after Shubuh to have some breakfast and get some rest. The food was great. Around 10.30am my Hubby and I walked around the Mosque and took some pictures. We need to catch Dzuhur prayer and it was just nice to find a good spot  for i'tiqaf.

After Sha'i

The Kaaba

Again the Kaaba. Please mind the quality of the picture,
it was taken with a handphone camera :)

Many people took some rest and walk around the mosque

A little briefing before the second Umrah

The street along the way to Masjidil Haram was pretty windy. I looked very chubby but I love this picture :D

Took a pose in front of Masjidil Haram. There are so many birds here

The Hotel, Eiman Inn

This is the first part of my journey. More stories to share but I will share it in the next part.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Inspirasi Hijab Outfit : Memakai Palazzo

I remember a long time ago when I was at university and I have three best friends: Yogie, Nisa, and Evi. The funny thing about us is that all the four of us have petite bodies. The four of us have nearly the same heights: between 152 to 157 cm :D.

One of our friend called us "The Hobbit". All of you who have seen The Lord of The Rings movie must be familiar with four short people and all look like they never grow old. Hehehe.... 

This problem - my height - has been my problem every time I try to find something to wear. Many times, it related to the length of shirts, sleeves, pants and so on. But as time goes by, I found out some cuts that really suit me well. One of them is palazzo pants.

For you who have the same problem like mine, you may like Palazzo pants. Palazzo pants  make our legs look longer. Only in one condition, wear them with your 7 cm heels (or more) or your favorite platform shoes. 

The heels will show your best figure and at the same time, the pants will give you such a nice silhouette on your legs. Your ankles and the upper of the heels are nicely covered and so it gives you a longer-looking legs.

You may also have to choose the kind of fabric that suits you best. Sometimes we found some fabrics that are too light that it shows too much (of your body) or wrinkle when you tuck your blouse in them. We need a palazzo pant that has a nice clean look when we wear them.

If you have a large hip like mine, you may choose a palazzo with a darker color tone to make a more slimmer illusion.

Scarf - from my Mom's closet
Shirt - from my Mom's closet
Palazzo Pants - Again, from my Mom's closet :D
Shoes - This one is mine, Stefania Baldo 

I found these clothes in my Mom's closet a few months ago. I think sometimes in a while we need to look at our moms' closet just to see if there is anything to wear in it :D. 

Some people, like my Mom, keep a very good quality basics that last for a very long time. My Mom bought these clothes when I was a high school student and I don't have any interest in any of them back then :D. 

Suddenly miss my Mom. I haven't seen her since lebaran. I hope she'll come visit me next Eid al-Adha holiday. 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Inspirasi Hijab Outfit : Earth Colors

Another simple daily look. I've just got the shirt I bought from an online shop. It has animal print accents and a bright brown color. So I combined it with greenish-grey pants and orange-brown wedges to create an earthy color tone :)  

Talking about pants, This is one of my favorite pants. I think every girl should have one favorite pants to wear for any occasion so you know what to wear when you're in a hurry. Hehehe... 

When lebaran or end of year sale is on, I think we really should buy some good basics. A good quality pants are never out of date and you can combine them with any top you want to work, to the mall, anywhere! :D.

Shirt - Noni Zakiah
Pants - Polo Ralph Lauren
Wedges - Symbolize

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Pak Aziz, Guruku

Kalau sudah bicara tentang jaman SMA, memang enggak ada matinya ya? Siapa sih yang ga inget serunya, bodohnya, ngecengin seniornya, pertemanan, sampai hal-hal yang bikin pusing seperti PR yang menumpuk setiap hari atau les ini itu.

Dari semua kenangan itu, kita akan selalu mengingat orang yang pernah menginspirasi atau bahkan mengubah hidup kita. Buat saya, orang itu adalah Pak Aziz.

Pak Aziz adalah guru les bahasa Inggris saya dari tahun pertama SMA sampai lulus SMA. Lucunya, beliau adalah guru dari paman-paman saya (adik-adik Papa).

Ceritanya, saat masuk SMA, saya dan dan seorang teman SMP hunting tempat les bahasa Inggris yang bagus. Kami bahkan pernah 'mencicip' salah satu tempat les tapi karena tidak puas akhirnya tak sampai satu bulan kami keluar.

Lalu dibawalah saya oleh Papa ke rumah Pak Aziz. Di depan rumahnya terpampang plang besar bertuliskan "BUKOM Private English Course". Saat pertama datang, kesan pertama saya adalah beliau galak. Hehehe... Pak Aziz punya satu bagian rumah yang dijadikannya tempat untuk mengajar. Kok, ga ada gedungnya ya? Pikir saya waktu itu. 

Beliau bilang, untuk belajar di situ saya harus mengumpulkan maksimal sekitar lima orang lagi. Sebenarnya sih, saya boleh belajar sendiri, tapi uang les satu kelas berarti saya tanggung sendiri. Wah, Papa langsung ngasih syarat deh. Kalau mau belajar di situ saya harus mengumpulkan lima teman supaya bayar kursusnya jadi lebih murah.

Kembali ke sekolah keesokan harinya, saya memutar otak, siapa yang bisa saya ajak belajar bahasa Inggris? Yang pasti mereka harus cukup menginginkan kepandaian dalam bahasa Inggris. Selain itu, mereka harus percaya pada saya bahwa Pak Aziz memang bagus cara mengajarnya. Karena jika dibandingkan dengan kursus bahasa yang lain, kursus di tempat Pak Aziz ini terbilang cukup mahal saat itu.

Kemudian saya teringat Palupi, teman yang dikenalkan oleh Anita, teman SMP saya. Dalam sekejap, tidak sampai satu minggu, rupanya persuasi dari Palupi meyakinkan teman lainnya untuk mulai kursus di Pak Aziz. Hehehe.... Belakangan saya mengetahui hasrat Palupi terhadap Bahasa sama menggebunya seperti saya dan kami jadi teman baik.

Hari pertama kami sudah mendapatkan dua buku diktat. Yang satu English Grammar in Use dengan jilid berwarna hijau tua dan satu lagi Communicating in English dengan jilid berwarna biru.

Ini salah satu buku yang disusun Pak Aziz. Sampai saya kuliah,
bekerja, dan pindah rumah pun bukunya masih saya bawa :)

Kedua buku ini ditulis oleh Pak Aziz pada tahun 1993 dan diketiknya sendiri. Buku-buku tersebut difotokopi enam kali, sesuai jumlah kami. Sebenarnya saat itu sudah tahun 1998 dan ada teknologi komputer, tapi kata Pak Aziz, Pak Aziz tidak sempat mengetiknya kembali di komputer. Wow, ketikannya begitu rapi. Bahkan di beberapa bagian diketiknya sendiri tanda untuk memberikan tabel. 

Salah satu halaman di buku. Lihat! Pak Aziz mengetik tabel-tabelnya
sendiri. Tapi tetap rapi ya hasilnya? :D Oia, maaf kalau ada coretan
tangan saya. Buku saya penuh coretan tangan karena saya terbiasa
mencoret-coret buku saat belajar. Hehehe....

Hari pertama membuktikan bahwa pendapat saya saat pertama kali bertemu Pak Aziz adalah benar: Beliau memang galak. Hehehe....

Yang pertama kali kami pelajari hari itu adalah grammar. Dan seperti kebanyakan pelajaran tentang grammar, kami mengantuk. Dan jeng... jeng... jeng... ternyata di akhir segmen itu beliau memberikan tes. Bukan tes yang ditulis, tapi kami berenam bergiliran menjawab pertanyaan untuk mengisi titik-titik yang kosong di buku. 

Saya kaget benar! Pertanyaan yang telah disusun beliau tersebut ternyata begitu banyaknya dan kami diharuskan langsung menjawab saat itu juga dengan jawaban yang spontan. Dan jika salah satu dari kami tidak bisa, beliau akan mengacungkan tangannya dan menunjuk ke murid tersebut. "Tidak bisa begitu dong, Mia! Coba dilihat lagi" Jika setelah diberi waktu berpikir kami masih tidak menemukan jawabannya, barulah dia akan memberi tahu jawabannya dan mengapa jawabannya seperti itu.

Jika salah satu dari kami ternyata menjawab dengan benar, jangan salah lho, beliau pun akan menjawab "Benar" tapi diikuti dengan pertanyaan "Mengapa" juga. Bagi Pak Aziz, penting sekali anak murid mengerti apa yang diajarkan olehnya. Beliau tidak suka jawaban yang menebak-nebak. Jawaban yang salah ataupun benar, dia menginginkan penjelasan dari jawaban kita tersebut.

Jujur, sepulang les waktu itu, saya sedikit merasa rendah diri. Padahal selama ini saya merasa bahasa Inggris saya sudah cukup baik. Bahkan saya keluar dari tempat les yang lama karena saya merasa tidak mendapatkan apa-apa. Waktu dikelas hari itu, saya mendapatkan tunjukan tangan berkali-kali dari Pak Aziz yang berarti jawaban saya salah. 

Begitulah cara Pak Aziz mengajar. Lama-kelamaan kami menjadi terbiasa. Setiap ada tes di akhir segmen, malah kami sering berebutan menjawab. Semacam kesenangan sendiri bagi kami untuk menjawab pertanyaan yang benar. Lalu kami bisa bilang "Yes!" atau sekedar senang karena seakan-akan sudah memenangkan pertarungan. Hahaha...

Sekitar satu tahun berikutnya, kedua buku tersebut sudah kami rampungkan. Tahun kedua kami meminta kelas percakapan kepada beliau. Kami pun disuruhnya mencari buku sendiri: English 900 terbitan Collier McMillan. Buku ini tersedia dari jilid satu sampai enam.

English 900 jilid ke lima dari Collier Mc Millan International

Cerita yang ada di buku benar-benar cerita yang sangat sederhana. Saat pertama kali membacanya, saya pikir buku itu terlalu mudah buat level kami. Hehehe... kepedean ya saya. Serius, menurut saya cerita di buku pelajaran sekolah malah lebih sulit daripada cerita di buku tersebut.

Tapi namanya bukan Pak Aziz kalau tidak bisa mengajari kami hal baru. Bayangkan saja, dari sekitar lima sampai enam paragraf bacaan, kami harus membuat pertanyaan sebanyak-banyaknya. Syaratnya, jawaban dari pertanyaan itu harus tersedia di bacaan. 

Dari tulisan yang sependek ini kami harus mencari pertanyaan
sebanyak-banyaknya namun syaratnya, jawabannya harus tertera
di bacaan. (Gambar adalah salah satu halaman di English 900 halaman 19)

Ternyata mencari pertanyaan bukanlah perkara mudah. Karena seperti biasa, pertanyaan kami sering tersendat di tengah jalan karena cara kami mengungkapkan pertanyaan tersebut dalam bahasa Inggris salah. Lagi-lagi kami sering kena tunjuk dan ucapan, "Tidak begitu dong. Setelah why tidak bisa langsung kata kerja, pasti ada penghubungnya dulu! Coba betulkan."

Akhirnya aktivitas ini pun menjadi menyenangkan. Kami berlomba-lomba membuat pertanyaan. Bahkan kadang satu kalimat jawaban di buku bisa kami buatkan dua sampai tiga pertanyaan. Puas rasanya mendapatkan keberhasilan dari iklim persaingan yang sehat. hehehe 

Ternyata, alih-alih dibiarkan melakukan percakapan secara bebas mengenai satu topik sebagaimana dilakukan banyak kursus yang lain, Pak Aziz lebih memilih untuk mengajarkan bagaimana berbicara yang benar. Dengan mengajukan pertanyaan, siswa diminta secara spesifik untuk mengatakan hal-hal tertentu sehingga siswa yang lain bisa mempelajari bagaimana satu hal seharusnya diungkapkan dalam kalimat.

Selain cara belajarnya, yang saya kagumi dari Pak Aziz adalah beliau tidak terpaku pada gaya berbicara. Beliau tidak pernah mengkritik bagaimana kami mengucapkan sesuatu asal pengucapannya benar. Beliau tidak suka memperdebatkan american english atau british english. Beliau pernah bercerita salah satu temannya pernah diolok teman yang lain karena cara bicara bahasa Inggrisnya yang menggunakan dialek bahasa sunda. Lalu temannya tersebut menjawab,"Saya sudah pergi ke banyak negara dan bertemu banyak orang. Saya berbicara bahasa inggris ya sepert ini. Tidak pernah ada yang mengkritik saya seperti Anda."katanya.

"Hahaha...." Kami semua tergelak karena geli. 
"Jangan pernah malu terhadap dialek. Orang Italia, orang Singapura, mereka berbicara bahasa Inggris dengan dialek masing-masing kok. Ngapain kita malu berbicara bahasa inggris dengan dialek bahasa kita."

Wah, ternyata walaupun mengajarkan bahasa Inggris, Pak Aziz lebih senang kita jadi diri sendiri. Kalau tidak bisa, berbicara bahasa Inggris tidak usah mengikuti gaya orang Inggris atau Amerika berbicara. Yang penting yang kita ucapkan itu benar. Jadi tidak usah merasa rendah diri karena dialek bahasa kita terbawa saat kita bicara bahasa Inggris ya. Hehehe....

Pada Tahun ketiga, buku-buku tersebut sudah rampung dan kami mulai menginjak TOEFL. Wah, kalau yang paling saya ingat dari pelajarannya Pak Aziz adalah cara menganalisis soal. Lagi-lagi setiap jawaban kita harus diketahui alasannya. Belakangan, dengan seringnya berlatih, hal ini menjadi sesuatu yang secara otomatis bisa kita lakukan dengan lebih cepat.

Hal lain yang saya kagumi dari Pak Aziz adalah hasratnya yang besar pada bahasa Inggris ini tetap ada meskipun beliau sering bercerita bagaimana sulitnya menjadi guru di sekolah tempatnya mengajar. Maklumlah, beliau mengajar di sekolah kejuruan yang kadang dicap sebagai 'sekolahnya anak yang kurang pintar'. Banyak di antara mereka yang bahkan tidak bisa mengucapkan kata "father" atau "mother". Walhasil, sulit untuk mengajarkan materi pelajaran sehingga beliau sebisa mungkin mengajar dasar-dasar bahasa Inggris lagi pada mereka. 

Jaman sekarang, susah sekali ya menemukan guru yang seperti itu? Guru yang mau mengajarkan kembali ketertinggalan muridnya. Guru yang peduli dan berusaha mengetahui kemampuan muridnya dengan mengetahui cara berpikir mereka dalam menjawab pertanyaan dengan bertanya, "Kenapa jawabanmu begitu?"

Menurut saya, ini adalah poin penting yang harusnya ditanamkan dalam pendidikan kita. Alih-alih memusatkan murid pada menjawab soal dengan benar saja, kita harus membalik cara mengajar dengan memusatkan murid pada bagaimana ia mendapatkan jawaban? Bagaimana ia menganalisa suatu masalah? Apa akar dari masalah? Apa yang salah? Bagaimana sesuatu itu menjadi benar dan bagaimana sesuatu yang lain menjadi salah? Bukan hanya jawabannya yang harus benar, tapi bagaimana dia bisa sampai pada jawaban yang benar tersebut itu juga harus diperhatikan. 

Buat saya, belajar bersama teman-teman di tempat les Pak Aziz itu malah seperti tempat melepaskan penat belajar. Pak Aziz mampu menularkan passion-nya kepada kami dan kami juga menjadi lebih percaya diri berbahasa Inggris. Saya sendiri belum tentu bisa meraih banyak impian saya tanpa keterampilan bahasa yang beliau ajarkan.

Semua tes kerja, buku-buku teks, film-film dari novel Jane Austen yang saya sukai, bahkan blog yang saya tulis sekarang dan mungkin yang paling besar: kepercayaan diri saya sekarang.

Terima kasih ya, Pak. Hanya itu yang bisa saya ucapkan. Saya beruntung pernah belajar pada guru yang sangat berdedikasi seperti Bapak. Hanya Allah SWT yang dapat membalas semua yang Bapak telah berikan pada kami. Semoga ilmu yang sudah Bapak ajarkan pada semua murid Bapak akan selalu bertambah manfaatnya. Amiiin...  

Masih terngiang di kepala saya ucapan Pak Aziz yang masih membuat saya tersenyum sampai sekarang.

"Tidak usah malu karena dialek kurang British atau kurang American. Orang Italia, orang Singapura, semua berbicara bahasa Inggris dengan dialek mereka. Kenapa kita harus malu?"

Yang penting itu bukan dialeknya tapi bahasanya yang benar ya, Pak? Jadi berani itu karena benar, lho. Bukan karena kurang gaya. Hehehe.... Nah, kalau kita sudah benar bicaranya, mengapa kita harus malu?


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