Minggu, 30 September 2012

Chiffon Shawl Hijab Tutorial : Tutorial Mudah Memakai Hijab Sifon

Many friends asked me how to wear this style of hijab. I love this style so much because it looks neat and simple. 

I take my baby girl wherever I go. This style is rarely ruined by her because each edge of the hijab is secured. Let me show you how.

1. Take one of the short side of your hijab and secure it on
your hair bun. You can use pins or simply tie them 
in square knot.

2. Take the other short side of your hijab to your head
so it gives the nice drapery on your chest. 

3. Make sure you make the drapery long
enough to cover your chest. 

4. Adjust the hijab on your face and secure it in each
of your temples - or where ever you think it looks good on
you - with pins. 
Each of us has different shape of face.
Since I have an oval face, I secure my hijab beneath my
earlobe to make my face more proportional.
5. Take the rest of your hijab and secure
them under your neck.

Here is another tip. If you have a more chubby face or a plus size type of body, you can elongate the drapery to your waist or hip. It can make a slimmer illusion. It works for me :D.

Inspirasi Outfit Warna Pastel : Pink and Grey

The simplest way to make a good mix is to know a good palette that looks good on you. Just this time, leave your blue jeans or black pants and try to wear something in pale colors.

In terms of colors of an outfit, pink and grey will never fail you. Take any of your basics in soft grey and soft pink and mix them together. Voila!

You may wear basics - just a simple pant and a simple shirt - but they can stand out too! Many times, it's not the clothes that make us stand out. It's us to make them stand out. It is why stylists can keep their job, isn't it? Hehehe....

Add an item in shocking colors, like my fuschia wedges, to make your outfit even sweeter :D 

Scarf - Mocca
Shirt - Fiska Fiska @moshaict
Pants - The Executive
Shoes - Crocs

Rabu, 26 September 2012

Wedges and Boots

My first awareness of fashion was about six years ago. I was a university student, on the third year  and was an intern in a famous business magazine. Though I wear hijab, I was a tomboy girl. My clothes collections are plain shirts, jeans and dusty sneakers. 

One day, I had an assignment from the magazine to interview a General Manager in one of the electronic appliances company. In that very moment I sat in front of him, I realized that I didn't dress properly. In fact, I dressed shabbily. Somehow I felt a little embarrassed about what I wore that day. I didn't realize that I was gonna interview someone important and should've dressed properly. 

I mean, not very neat or well-groomed. I just wanted to be comfortable in meeting people. From then, I realized dressing up is not for people to see, but for us to feel comfortable and confident about ourselves. 

The whole things about dressing up is about you. How you want to be seen. 

Moreover, dressing up is about you being comfortable about yourself. What's the point of getting many attentions if you don't like what you're wearing?

“The best colour in the whole world 
is the one that looks good on you.” 

Have you ever gone shopping, online shopping, seeing fashion pictures in the magazines or even watching movies that involves high fashion? 

And while you were watching you said, "Ah, it's too much." 
Or, "Hey, I can wear that!"

Well, that's me. I'm not a very fashionable woman. I love fashion, but for myself, I interpret my own fashion. 

I like wearing casual clothes. I can go girly sometimes but I don't like wearing dresses. After I gave birth to a baby girl I decided 'ready-to-go' clothes go well on me.

The 'after-birth', also influenced another thing. Now I said 'no' to flat shoes. Heavy weight on my shoulder when my feet directly exposed to the ground? 

Flat shoes are killing me!!! 
Comfortable wedges have been my friend since then. Especially the wedges from Crocs. It's so comfy :).

Sometimes I just want my dusty sneakers back! I missed how happy my feet were inside of them. But wearing them to the mall, with a baby? I'm just too old for that :D. So in order to experience the same feeling, now I prefer flat boots. It's pretty comfy because they have soft soles.

Since wedges and boots have became my new favorites, I played around with them a little. You can see how shoes can change the whole 'idea' of your outfit

A girly-casual look with wedges

Look at the details on the shoulder.

Comfy wedges. The heels are about 7 cm high
but  its shape quite like flat shoes, only higher :D

A more boyish look with flat boots

They have soft soles.
So comfortable for the replacement of my old sneakers :D
Top - Georgia Top by ZX
Pants - Colorbox
Wedges - GOSH
Flat Boots - Fly Shoes

What do you think?

Selasa, 25 September 2012

Today's Quote

Last night I found this quote from Kafi Kurnia's wall on Facebook. He's famous for the nickname "Si Jabrik". A Managing director of a marketing and branding consultant company.

"You can be the most beautiful person in the world and everybody sees light and rainbows when they look at you, but if you, yourself don't know it, all of that doesn't even matter. Every second that you spend on doubting your worth, every moment that you use to criticize yourself, is a second of your life wasted, is a moment of your life thrown away. 
It's not like you have forever, so don't throw even one of your moments away."

- C. Joybell C

Senin, 24 September 2012

Family Fun Day

Last Saturday, we went to Waterbom Jakarta, Pantai Indah Kapuk, for a Family Fun Day event. The event held by my hubby's office. It was an annually event.

We were having fun. It was the first time for my Bebe to go swimming, so we were so excited :D.

We were just arrived and my Bebe got goodies for kids

Took some shots while every body was queueing

Morning snacks.

Look! My Bebe got a new barbie bag and lots of snacks inside :D

My bebe got three lollypops :D. I hid it after the shots.
She doesn't know what lollypop means after all,
I never gave her  one :D

The wall of fame. I was wearing a silver mask and my hubby wear a golden crown. :D

Bebe always loves baloons :)

Becak riding with Papa :D
This is her first time to swim and she was so excited! :D

She ran around and around in her new bathing suit :D

My Bebe loves sate!

Like father like daughter :D

And this is like mother like daughter :D
She insisted to lick the ice cream. Kids!

After snack box, lollypops, bakso, ice creams, KFC and somay,
this is our last meal in the afternoon :*

Ah, we went home with full tummies! We had so much fun :D. 

Selasa, 18 September 2012

Oversized Top

Hijabers love oversized top!!! Oversized top has became a new essential basic for them. Instead of wearing a boring tunic, you can wear this piece but still covering your awrah

As for me, this is why I love wearing them: 

I love wearing basic casual clothes but I have a short curvy body. Any 'wrong' clothes will make me look chubby or bigger. My shoulder is smaller than most people have but my hip is larger than most of them.

Meanwhile, many basic casual clothes available in the stores have straight cuts. So if I wear something small, it will look good on my shoulder but too tight in my hip while bigger clothes will cover my hip but will make my shoulder sag. So you can imagine how hard it is to find clothes that really fit for me. 

Until last year, I found a Top from Zysku Xena called Gemma Top

I love this shirt (a lot!). This is an oversized shirt but its sleeve is tightened a bit in the edge. It shows that you actually have arms and shoulder. The tightened sleeve works for me. Now I can wear shirt without being worry about tight hips or sag shoulder.

So the first tip to wear an oversized top is: avoid oversized top that makes your shoulder look sag

But if you already have one, maybe you can try to make it look better like I did. I made a DIY (do it yourself) to my old shirt. It had straight cuts and made my shoulder look sag.

This is the shirt
It has a straight cut on the sleeves
Now, fold the fabric or you can just mark where you think
the new sleeve look good on you with a pencil
Prepare your needle and thread
Sew up. I'm not very good at sewing with my hand,
but I think it's pretty good :P

This is the new look of my old shirt. As the sleeves fit my arm now,
my shoulder doesn't look sag anymore in it

For those who has a short body like me, here is another tip. Take the front side of your shirt and tuck it into your pants. This will make your leg look longer. Look at these pictures.

This is Irna Dewi wearing tucked-in oversized shirt on her blog,
Tuck the front side in
(Hijab Simpel & Modis, Leny Riana & Irna Dewi, Demedia: April 2012)
And don't forget to put on your favorite heels or wedges too. It will make your leg look even longer.

What do you think?

Minggu, 16 September 2012

Stripe Shirt

I bought a new HELLO! Indonesia magazine about a week ago and I noticed something about stripe shirt. 

Red and white stripe shirt combined with beige pants

Red and white stripe shirt combined with light blue jeans and blazer

Black and white stripe shirt with khaki pants

I noticed none of them combined with dark pants and that's what makes the color of the stripe shirt stands out. So why don't you try mixing your own stripe shirt  with light colored pants! It's better than trying to mix your stripe shirt with black pants and it's still make you look casual too.

What do you think?

Kamis, 13 September 2012

Bebe in Red

This funny story happened a few months ago when we just got home after attended our neighbor's afternoon party. My Bebe took my clutch pretended to be like me. Hahaha.

So I took my camera and took the shots :D

Good People

Guru pengajian saya pernah bilang, kalau mau jadi orang baik, maka kita harus berdekatan dengan orang yang baik. Nabi Muhammad SAW sendiri pernah bersabda, jika kita berdekatan dengan pedagang minyak wangi, maka kita pun akan terkena wanginya.

Alhamdulillah sudah hampir 1,5 tahun mengenal teman-teman di pengajian komplek. Banyak sekali pelajaran yang didapat. Ada pelajaran agama, persahabatan, dan pelajaran tentang hidup. 

Hari ini pulang pengajian langsung pengen nge-blog. Hm.. yang dibahas begitu mengena rasanya di hati. Padahal berawal dari pertanyaan sederhana dari guru kami, Bu Yuli. "Bagaimana puasanya? Mungkin pada mau share puasa tahun ini dengan puasa tahun kemarin. Apa ada bedanya? Apa ada kemajuan?"

Ternyata alhamdulillah beberapa teman sudah khatam Alquran di bulan puasa. Ada yang menyiasatinya dengan membaca dua puluh halaman setiap hari, ada pula yang menyiasati dengan memanfaatkan waktu malam harinya untuk mengaji. 

Ada pula yang merasa tahun ini lebih berat karena tahun kemarin masih bekerja, sementara bulan puasa tahun ini sudah resign. Ada perbedaan antara menjalankan puasa di kantor dan di rumah. 

Saat giliran saya? Hm.. saya ga bisa sharing apa-apa. Rasanya ibadah puasa saya masih sama saja dengan tahun lalu. Astaghfirullaahaladzim... Sepertinya lidah saya kelu. Merasakan rasa tidak enak yang luar biasa karena sudah 'menyerahkan diri' pada kesibukan di rumah. Kesibukan mengurus rumah, mengurus suami, mengurus anak dan lain-lain. Hari-hari saya terbawa oleh rutinitas kesibukan yang itu-itu saja. Saya lupa menambahkan ibadah sunnah dalam jadwal saya.

Bu Yuli bilang, kita harus berhati-hati. Jangan sampai suami dan anak kita menjadi fitnah buat kita. Maksudnya, jangan sampai kecintaan kita terhadap suami dan kecintaan kita terhadap anak menghalangi kecintaan kita terhadap Allah SWT. Jangan sampai kita berfikir It's okay tidak melakukan ibadah karena kita sudah terlalu cape mengurus rumah, suami dan anak. Yang ditekankan di sini adalah ibadah sunah tentu saja. Ibadah wajib kita tentu harus jalankan setiap hari.

Ada beberapa hal yang bisa dilakukan;

Pertama, bangunlah lebih pagi. Jangan dulu memikirkan hari yang akan kita hadapi. Salat tahajudlah terlebih dulu. Jika masih bingung mau melakukan apa setelah Tahajud, bacalah Alquran saja terlebih dahulu. Nanti kita akan terbiasa menyisihkan waktu untuk beribadah.

Kedua, sisihkan waktu untuk memikirkan ibadah apa yang akan kita rutinkan. Waktunya bisa kapan saja. Sebelum tidur atau setelah masak. Oke-oke saja. Ini juga bisa kita lakukan untuk memikirkan pelajaran apa saja yang kita dapat hari ini. Bagi saya, rasanya cocok untuk berkontemplasi. Untuk bersyukur atas nikmat kita hari ini dan mengingatkan kembali apa yang ingin kita capai dalam hidup. Jangan sampai hidup kita terbawa oleh rutinitas dan terlupa dengan tujuan kita sebelumnya. Sehingga tujuan hidup kita itu hanya menjadi mimpi belaka.

Ketiga, jika sudah memantapkan niat, maka jalankanlah dengan rutin. Jika kita sampai kita gagal atau berhenti melakukannya pada suatu hari saja, esoknya kita akan lebih 'permisif', tidak semangat dan lalu lupa dengan apa yang sudah kita mulai.

Mendengarkan teman-teman sharing cerita mereka, right then, I realised that I was wasting my time. I am a new wife and a new mom and my everyday routine drag me day by day that I forgot what really matters to me. 

Bahagianya punya teman-teman yang mau berbagi dan mendorong kita menjadi lebih baik. Ya Allah dekatkanlah aku, keluargaku, dan teman-temanku dengan orang-orang yang mendorong kami pada kebaikan. Amin. 

Rabu, 12 September 2012


My name's Mia Fauzia. Although i made this blog about one year ago, this is my first post. ah well, I made some posts but I decided that I don't like them and so I removed them. Hahaha...

I am a mother of a baby girl. I love singing (to myself), I love photography (though I'm not a very good photographer), I love reading and I like to laugh (like a lot!). 

After I gave birth to my baby girl, my whole world seemed to change. Many ups and many downs. Well, I survived and I enjoy my new life  as a wife and a mother.

So, here's my blog. Happy reading! :)

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