Family Fun Day

Last Saturday, we went to Waterbom Jakarta, Pantai Indah Kapuk, for a Family Fun Day event. The event held by my hubby's office. It was an annually event.

We were having fun. It was the first time for my Bebe to go swimming, so we were so excited :D.

We were just arrived and my Bebe got goodies for kids

Took some shots while every body was queueing

Morning snacks.

Look! My Bebe got a new barbie bag and lots of snacks inside :D

My bebe got three lollypops :D. I hid it after the shots.
She doesn't know what lollypop means after all,
I never gave her  one :D

The wall of fame. I was wearing a silver mask and my hubby wear a golden crown. :D

Bebe always loves baloons :)

Becak riding with Papa :D
This is her first time to swim and she was so excited! :D

She ran around and around in her new bathing suit :D

My Bebe loves sate!

Like father like daughter :D

And this is like mother like daughter :D
She insisted to lick the ice cream. Kids!

After snack box, lollypops, bakso, ice creams, KFC and somay,
this is our last meal in the afternoon :*

Ah, we went home with full tummies! We had so much fun :D. 


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