Oversized Top

Hijabers love oversized top!!! Oversized top has became a new essential basic for them. Instead of wearing a boring tunic, you can wear this piece but still covering your awrah

As for me, this is why I love wearing them: 

I love wearing basic casual clothes but I have a short curvy body. Any 'wrong' clothes will make me look chubby or bigger. My shoulder is smaller than most people have but my hip is larger than most of them.

Meanwhile, many basic casual clothes available in the stores have straight cuts. So if I wear something small, it will look good on my shoulder but too tight in my hip while bigger clothes will cover my hip but will make my shoulder sag. So you can imagine how hard it is to find clothes that really fit for me. 

Until last year, I found a Top from Zysku Xena called Gemma Top

I love this shirt (a lot!). This is an oversized shirt but its sleeve is tightened a bit in the edge. It shows that you actually have arms and shoulder. The tightened sleeve works for me. Now I can wear shirt without being worry about tight hips or sag shoulder.

So the first tip to wear an oversized top is: avoid oversized top that makes your shoulder look sag

But if you already have one, maybe you can try to make it look better like I did. I made a DIY (do it yourself) to my old shirt. It had straight cuts and made my shoulder look sag.

This is the shirt
It has a straight cut on the sleeves
Now, fold the fabric or you can just mark where you think
the new sleeve look good on you with a pencil
Prepare your needle and thread
Sew up. I'm not very good at sewing with my hand,
but I think it's pretty good :P

This is the new look of my old shirt. As the sleeves fit my arm now,
my shoulder doesn't look sag anymore in it

For those who has a short body like me, here is another tip. Take the front side of your shirt and tuck it into your pants. This will make your leg look longer. Look at these pictures.

This is Irna Dewi wearing tucked-in oversized shirt on her blog,
Tuck the front side in
(Hijab Simpel & Modis, Leny Riana & Irna Dewi, Demedia: April 2012)
And don't forget to put on your favorite heels or wedges too. It will make your leg look even longer.

What do you think?


Olivia Kamal mengatakan…
chic look :D
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
thank you :*

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