Inspirasi Outfit Warna Pastel : Pink and Grey

The simplest way to make a good mix is to know a good palette that looks good on you. Just this time, leave your blue jeans or black pants and try to wear something in pale colors.

In terms of colors of an outfit, pink and grey will never fail you. Take any of your basics in soft grey and soft pink and mix them together. Voila!

You may wear basics - just a simple pant and a simple shirt - but they can stand out too! Many times, it's not the clothes that make us stand out. It's us to make them stand out. It is why stylists can keep their job, isn't it? Hehehe....

Add an item in shocking colors, like my fuschia wedges, to make your outfit even sweeter :D 

Scarf - Mocca
Shirt - Fiska Fiska @moshaict
Pants - The Executive
Shoes - Crocs


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