Wedges and Boots

My first awareness of fashion was about six years ago. I was a university student, on the third year  and was an intern in a famous business magazine. Though I wear hijab, I was a tomboy girl. My clothes collections are plain shirts, jeans and dusty sneakers. 

One day, I had an assignment from the magazine to interview a General Manager in one of the electronic appliances company. In that very moment I sat in front of him, I realized that I didn't dress properly. In fact, I dressed shabbily. Somehow I felt a little embarrassed about what I wore that day. I didn't realize that I was gonna interview someone important and should've dressed properly. 

I mean, not very neat or well-groomed. I just wanted to be comfortable in meeting people. From then, I realized dressing up is not for people to see, but for us to feel comfortable and confident about ourselves. 

The whole things about dressing up is about you. How you want to be seen. 

Moreover, dressing up is about you being comfortable about yourself. What's the point of getting many attentions if you don't like what you're wearing?

“The best colour in the whole world 
is the one that looks good on you.” 

Have you ever gone shopping, online shopping, seeing fashion pictures in the magazines or even watching movies that involves high fashion? 

And while you were watching you said, "Ah, it's too much." 
Or, "Hey, I can wear that!"

Well, that's me. I'm not a very fashionable woman. I love fashion, but for myself, I interpret my own fashion. 

I like wearing casual clothes. I can go girly sometimes but I don't like wearing dresses. After I gave birth to a baby girl I decided 'ready-to-go' clothes go well on me.

The 'after-birth', also influenced another thing. Now I said 'no' to flat shoes. Heavy weight on my shoulder when my feet directly exposed to the ground? 

Flat shoes are killing me!!! 
Comfortable wedges have been my friend since then. Especially the wedges from Crocs. It's so comfy :).

Sometimes I just want my dusty sneakers back! I missed how happy my feet were inside of them. But wearing them to the mall, with a baby? I'm just too old for that :D. So in order to experience the same feeling, now I prefer flat boots. It's pretty comfy because they have soft soles.

Since wedges and boots have became my new favorites, I played around with them a little. You can see how shoes can change the whole 'idea' of your outfit

A girly-casual look with wedges

Look at the details on the shoulder.

Comfy wedges. The heels are about 7 cm high
but  its shape quite like flat shoes, only higher :D

A more boyish look with flat boots

They have soft soles.
So comfortable for the replacement of my old sneakers :D
Top - Georgia Top by ZX
Pants - Colorbox
Wedges - GOSH
Flat Boots - Fly Shoes

What do you think?


Olivia Kamal mengatakan…
Luv the boots >.< you might wear gladiator boots too, I think.
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
yes it is very comfy too :D i wore them during my pregnancy and my feet were swollen so it's kinda saggy now. hahaha... follow ur blog sist
Niar Ningrum mengatakan…
SAYA suka sekali boots, tapi wedges juga keren mbak dipake kalau kerja, yaa masak kerja boots gitu #eehh :D
Irma Senja mengatakan…
i love wedges :)

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