Inspirasi Hijab Outfit : Earth Colors

Another simple daily look. I've just got the shirt I bought from an online shop. It has animal print accents and a bright brown color. So I combined it with greenish-grey pants and orange-brown wedges to create an earthy color tone :)  

Talking about pants, This is one of my favorite pants. I think every girl should have one favorite pants to wear for any occasion so you know what to wear when you're in a hurry. Hehehe... 

When lebaran or end of year sale is on, I think we really should buy some good basics. A good quality pants are never out of date and you can combine them with any top you want to work, to the mall, anywhere! :D.

Shirt - Noni Zakiah
Pants - Polo Ralph Lauren
Wedges - Symbolize


Olivia Kamal mengatakan…
nice outfit :) agree with the quality of greenish gray pants... stylish...

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