Monday, 8 October 2012

Inspirasi Hijab Outfit : Memakai Palazzo

I remember a long time ago when I was at university and I have three best friends: Yogie, Nisa, and Evi. The funny thing about us is that all the four of us have petite bodies. The four of us have nearly the same heights: between 152 to 157 cm :D.

One of our friend called us "The Hobbit". All of you who have seen The Lord of The Rings movie must be familiar with four short people and all look like they never grow old. Hehehe.... 

This problem - my height - has been my problem every time I try to find something to wear. Many times, it related to the length of shirts, sleeves, pants and so on. But as time goes by, I found out some cuts that really suit me well. One of them is palazzo pants.

For you who have the same problem like mine, you may like Palazzo pants. Palazzo pants  make our legs look longer. Only in one condition, wear them with your 7 cm heels (or more) or your favorite platform shoes. 

The heels will show your best figure and at the same time, the pants will give you such a nice silhouette on your legs. Your ankles and the upper of the heels are nicely covered and so it gives you a longer-looking legs.

You may also have to choose the kind of fabric that suits you best. Sometimes we found some fabrics that are too light that it shows too much (of your body) or wrinkle when you tuck your blouse in them. We need a palazzo pant that has a nice clean look when we wear them.

If you have a large hip like mine, you may choose a palazzo with a darker color tone to make a more slimmer illusion.

Scarf - from my Mom's closet
Shirt - from my Mom's closet
Palazzo Pants - Again, from my Mom's closet :D
Shoes - This one is mine, Stefania Baldo 

I found these clothes in my Mom's closet a few months ago. I think sometimes in a while we need to look at our moms' closet just to see if there is anything to wear in it :D. 

Some people, like my Mom, keep a very good quality basics that last for a very long time. My Mom bought these clothes when I was a high school student and I don't have any interest in any of them back then :D. 

Suddenly miss my Mom. I haven't seen her since lebaran. I hope she'll come visit me next Eid al-Adha holiday. 


  1. Love the pants but not the high heel. Love the sneakers a lot heheheheh

  2. hehehe... thanks mba :D. as for me, i love high heels but i don't like wearing them more than an hour. it's killing me.hehehe

  3. kalo sy kayaknya gak bakal pede pake baju di masukin gitu mbak *inget perut sy :D

    1. hehe.. teh chie, mungkin kita juga bagusnya dipakein blazer kyk sarannya mba oliv ya :D

  4. blazer with the same colour tone make it perfect... maybe... I don't like the visible zip...

  5. My height even do not reach 152 cm (I think) :p. Btw, is that palazzo pant really can make our legs look longer? It looked like if I wear it, I will be drowned, hehehe

    1. yogieee... akhirnya d blogspot juga :* . it works for me, i think, it's just from my point of view... hehehe...
      when i saw julia roberts wore palazzo in a new edition of Hello! magazine, it reminds me of my mom wearing this pants, i love how she wear this pants so well. gimana kl kita hunting bareng lagi dan we'll find out! :D

    2. Terpaksa pindah ke Blogspot karena digusur dari Multiply..T_T. Padahal gw lebih suka tampilan blog Multiply, hehehe. Anyway, let's hunting next month! :D

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thank you Sarita :) yes the pants make us look slimmer. Have a great day to you too!

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