Inspirasi Hijab Outfit Warna Pastel : Broken White dan Nude

My father once said, if we have a bad mood and stand in front of our closet trying to pick what to wear today, we tend to choose darker colors. 

"That is not good," He said. It only make our mood got worse and people can really see that we are in a bad mood. First thing to do in the morning is to cheer up and wear some clothes in light colors.

It was pretty weird because I used to love navy blue and I took my father's advice in fashion :D. I don't know if it is right or just me taking it seriously. But I love pale and pastel colors since then. Hahaha...

Now, every time my mood got bad when I need to go out, I dress up in light colors and put on my peach lipstick just to cheer myself up. It doesn't always work, but I feel better. At least my face doesn't look so depressed :D.

Beside pink and gray in my first pale palette post, this one is my favorite palette too: broken white and nude.

Shirt - My Mom
Pants  - Shafira
Bag - Unbranded


Unknown mengatakan…
good tips, use light colors in the dark mood^^
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Indeed! Hehehe... my father's advice fitri :))

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