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Inspirasi Hijab Outfit : When Pink Meets Black

Do you like rain? I love rain. It's pretty romantic, I mean, without the thunder and the lightning :D. I remember the times when I was a child and I carried my big umbrella almost everyday on rainy season. Even when I was in college my friends and I used to love running in the rain in our waterproof jacket. I like it when we stop by somewhere to get warm and have something to eat. Or jump in to a bus sitting side by side, watching the rain outside from the bus window and laugh while the music man playing his guitar.
It's been raining almost every day now. Yesterday, my Hubby, my Bebe and I were about to go somewhere when the rain fell down again. So I asked my hubby for a photo shoot while waiting for the rain to stop :P.

I like this pink meets black combination. It gives a soft color and a bold color at the same time. Comfy sweater, comfy pants, comfy shoes. Nothing's better than a warm comfy outfit in a cold rainy day, isn't it?

Sanlat 2012

Di perumahan saya selalu diadakan pengajian setiap minggunya. Kebetulan kemarin jadwal pengajiannya adalah tahsin. Gara-gara saya iseng menginstal Quran Android di telepon genggam, saya jadinya tidak membawa Quran sendiri. Walaupun hp saya layarnya cukup lebar, 4.2", tetap saja membaca Quran itu lebih enak aslinya ya. Hehehe...
Nah akhirnya saya meminjam Quran seorang teman, Ibu Pipit, yang super duper besar. Rasanya sudah lama sekali tidak membaca Quran sebesar itu dan membacanya sambil menelusuri huruf-huruf tersebut dengan telunjuk. 
Ah, tiba-tiba jadi ingat kenangan masa kecil waktu belajar membaca Quran dan menunjuki hurufnya dengan ujung lidi yang dipotong. Saat itu saya pergi sekolah diniyah setiap sore jam 03.30 dan pulangnya lari-lari karena takut terlewat nonton film Satria Baja Hitam. Hihihi...
Gara-gara teringat masa-masa itu, saya membongkar kembali album foto saat kami ibu-ibu di perumahan menggelar sanlat untuk anak-anak TPA dalam rangka menyambut bulan Ramadhan kemar…

I Love Chiffon Shawl : Bagaimana Memilih Chiffon Shawl yang Baik

Hello again, How's your long weekend? I hope it's great! Everybody loves holiday, doesn't it? I do love holiday although our little family didn't go somewhere in particular. But we just love the togetherness. You know, spending more time in beds in the morning or just having a cup of coffee made by my Hubby in the kitchen while watching my Bebe danced to Hi-5 songs on Disney channel :D.
Anyway, we went to Moshaict store opening in Kota Kasablanka Mall on Thursday. The mall is located in Casablanca, Jakarta. There's a hijab tutorial demo by Irna Dewi sale up to 50% on special items and 10% all items. 
I found scarves from my favorite scarf brand, Mocca, and bought two scarves. I bought a light turquoise chiffon shawl and a beige-glittery chiffon shawl.

I just love chiffon shawl!!! I love how it makes such a nice drapery when we wear them. They're so easy to wear and we can wear them to any occasion. 
But chiffon shawl is pretty expensive. So it is important to know wh…

The Girls' Day Out

It's been a while now since the last time I post something in Indonesian :D. Sebenarnya pertama kali nulis blog ini karena iseng dan pengen mengasah tulisan saya dalam bahasa Inggris. Sambil belajar minum air. Lho? Hehehe... Tapi kangen juga bikin postingan pake bahasa sendiri ya. Gapapa dong :P.
Saya mau sharing tentang Girls' Day Out. Hari saya dan si Bebe berjalan-jalan berdua saja tanpa si Papa. 
Sejak anak saya masih kecil, saya membiasakan diri saya supaya tidak merasa kerepotan kalau membawanya berjalan-jalan, terutama kalau kami pergi berdua saja tanpa si Papa yang biasanya setia gendong-gendong si Bebe. Ya, tetap repot sih. Tapi at least karena sudah terbiasa, saya jadi masih bisa menikmati berjalan-jalan walaupun repot.
Nah, kalau mau jalan-jalan, saya menyiapkan beberapa 'alat perang' ini hehehe.... 

1. Strap untuk tas.  Ini buat saya penting banget. Alasannya, anak saya sering berlarian di mal kesana-kemari jadi lebih gampang deh ngejar-ngejarnya :P. Sekarang sa…

The Umrah (Cerita Umrah - Part III)

This is the last part of the Umrah post. 
We spent five days in Mecca and the next day we were off to Medina. We stayed at Mubarak Al-Madinah Hotel in Medina for two days. We were so excited to see Nabawi Mosque. 
Unlike Masjidil Haram, here in Nabawi Mosque women and men have their special gates and they cannot be seen together inside the mosque, even if it is a man with his wife. It was too bad that at every gate for women, we were checked by women securities. It seems like we were not allowed to bring cameras, though I saw some people managed to use their cameras inside. But my hubby said men were not checked by securities when they got in so some men can take pictures inside the mosque.
In Nabawi, there are places that attracts many people to pray. The tomb of our Prophet, Muhammad SAW, is located here. Also a place called the raudhah. Raudhah is located between the tomb of Prophet Muhammad and the mimbarRaudhah is actually the original size of Nabawi Mosque back then. It is descri…

Chic Geek : Inspirasi Hijab dengan Kacamata

A few months ago, my sister in law asked me to accompany her to find a perfect eyeglasses for her. She doesn't like wearing glasses but she needs it once in a while. We got into a store and she found out that it's hard to find a glasses that really fit her. "How do we choose a good eye glasses?" she asked.
"Eye glasses are like men. When we see the one, it is the one." I answered. Hehehe....
Some of you who are being nearsighted like me must be agreed that it's pretty hard to find the glasses that really fit for us. The glasses is like a frame for our face so it is important to find the perfect one. We all have different needs, different likes and dislikes and different 'big no-no's. But even with all of those specific criteria, it's still hard to find the best one.
For me, I like glasses that reflects who I am and giving the best feature of my face. So often, I need to wear glasses all day (except when I'm sleeping) so the glasses must be c…

Nongkrong di Bandung : Resto Sapu Lidi

I was just looking at my photo albums in my laptop when I saw this album and giggled. The photos were taken at Sapu Lidi, a sundanese restaurant located in Jl. Sersan Bajuri, Lembang, Bandung. 
My hubby and I went there before we're married. It was his idea. He said the place was so good that many young couples choose the place for pre wedding photo location. We both were working in Jakarta so it's just nice to find some place in Bandung to refresh ourselves in the weekend and at the same time, visiting his parents.
Lembang is a cool mountainous town in the north of Bandung. Its highest point is the top of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. It's famous for its fresh air and nice places. 
It was a pretty funny experience and sometimes I just can't stop giggling when we talk about it. My hubby, who was then used to be my boyfriend :P, brought his old motorbike. We were going uphill, uphill and uphill, and ...the track was turned out to be pretty tough for the old motorbike. 
There w…

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

So sorry that I removed the last post about my new watermark. It turned out that I don't like it very much. I'm still trying to make the new one. But haven't found the design I really love. I'm just lousy in designing artwork :p
I want to share some pictures that were taken last week by My Hubby :D. We just wanted to hang out to the mall and the idea was to have fun with matching outfits with my Bebe. We both were wearing jumpsuits and pink. So, why don't we take pictures? :D
Since my Bebe is a little toddler now, she has so many expressions. Her favorite pose is placing her forefingers on her cheeks. Sometimes It makes me take that pose too. Hihihi... 
We girls just want to have fun :)