Chic Geek : Inspirasi Hijab dengan Kacamata

A few months ago, my sister in law asked me to accompany her to find a perfect eyeglasses for her. She doesn't like wearing glasses but she needs it once in a while. We got into a store and she found out that it's hard to find a glasses that really fit her. "How do we choose a good eye glasses?" she asked.

"Eye glasses are like men. When we see the one, it is the one." I answered.

Some of you who are being nearsighted like me must be agreed that it's pretty hard to find the glasses that really fit for us. The glasses is like a frame for our face so it is important to find the perfect one. We all have different needs, different likes and dislikes and different 'big no-no's. But even with all of those specific criteria, it's still hard to find the best one.

For me, I like glasses that reflects who I am and giving the best feature of my face. So often, I need to wear glasses all day (except when I'm sleeping) so the glasses must be comfortable on my nose. And don't forget that I'm wearing hijab so the frame of the glasses must be comfortable on my ears.

I like glasses that is made of plastic material so it feels light and comfortable. I like  bold frames too. I sometimes like light metal material but lately I bought glasses made of plastic.

Sometimes people call us geek just because we wear glasses, don't they? That made some people who are being nearsighted don't really like wearing glasses. Some people just don't want to be called geek.

I remember my sister in law tried on a frame and asked my opinion about it. "It looks edgy and make you look smarter," I said with smile.

And she said, "Then I don't like it. I don't want to be seen smart." 

So that day she chose a frame from Elle with nice plastic bows accents on the sides of the frame.

We don't have to be like a geek just because we wear glasses. Just enjoy it. Or even when you're a geek, just be a chic geek :).

You may have seen this glasses many times on my posts. Lately, this frame is my favorite. It is brown, bold, vintage and made my eyes look wider. It's very comfortable even when I wear hijab all day. It's from Converse.

I bought this glasses last year. It's from United Colors of Benetton. It is bold and made of plastic too. I love the purple accents on each side of the frames.

Ah, I love my glasses. It doesn't matter if some people called me geek. 
Just be the chic one :).

Shawl - Unbranded
Blazer - atmosphere
Shirt - Triset OXA
Jeans - Point One
Wedges - Amante


Annisa Mulia Razali mengatakan…
I wear eyeglasses too, I have some; red, pink, and black frames. But I use contact lens more often. I feel more comfortable in it. With glasses, I feel like my sight is limited in frames. With contacts, I can see clear even when I roll eyes. And because I love showing off my eyes. Hhahahaha.

But it depends on the person :)
You look very gorgeous with your glasses, especially the ones on your header. Suits you ^^
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Thank you Annisa :). I used to wear contacts too, especially at work. But since last year, I am officially a mom and stumbling around the baby thingy all the time, I only wear contacts when I have time to put them on. hihihi...
Yulia Rahmawati mengatakan…
you look cool behind your eyeglasses :)
just like you and annisa, I wear glasses as well,
I can't live without it since I was at sixth grade of primary school. hehhee
But yeah just like what you've said
"Eye glasses are like men. When we see the one, it is the one."
so, I'm not collecting eyeglasses for eveday wear. But I'm collecting eyeglasses with unique frame and those are just for fun, not for everyday wear.
Annisa Mulia Razali mengatakan…
Mia: Waahh so happy to hear that you are a mom ^^ I'm with contact when I'm on my activities. At home, I'm fully in glasses. A bit worried if I wear contact all day..

yulia: Hai dear ^^ I've been wearing them since primary school too. I do love that part of this post too, "eyeglasses are like man"
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Thank you Yulia :). Me wear them since first grade of highschool. But I used to wear them on only in the classroom. hihihi.. no wonder my myopia was getting worse :P
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Annisa: I love contacts too annisa :). When I'm tired wearing eyeglasses or when I want to feel more like myself, I put on my contacts :)

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