Minggu, 18 November 2012

I Love Chiffon Shawl : Bagaimana Memilih Chiffon Shawl yang Baik

Hello again,
How's your long weekend? I hope it's great! Everybody loves holiday, doesn't it?
I do love holiday although our little family didn't go somewhere in particular. But we just love the togetherness. You know, spending more time in beds in the morning or just having a cup of coffee made by my Hubby in the kitchen while watching my Bebe danced to Hi-5 songs on Disney channel :D.

Anyway, we went to Moshaict store opening in Kota Kasablanka Mall on Thursday. The mall is located in Casablanca, Jakarta. There's a hijab tutorial demo by Irna Dewi sale up to 50% on special items and 10% all items. 

I found scarves from my favorite scarf brand, Mocca, and bought two scarves. I bought a light turquoise chiffon shawl and a beige-glittery chiffon shawl.

I just love chiffon shawl!!! I love how it makes such a nice drapery when we wear them. They're so easy to wear and we can wear them to any occasion. 

But chiffon shawl is pretty expensive. So it is important to know which brand really suits you well. Here I am going to share how I choose chiffon shawl for myself.

First, observe the fabric that really suits you well. I think every woman has their own preference about this. I like chiffon more than chiffon cerruti. Its material is a bit thicker than chiffon cerruti but the drapes fall more gently and nice on me. 

Second, I like to examine the needlework. Since I bought some chiffon shawls, I know some needlework are neat and some are not. I never underestimate this because I believe it will affects the shawl on my face.

Look at the neat needlework on the edges of the shawl

Last but not least, I always check the size of the chiffon shawl. I prefer a chiffon shawl in the size of 75 cm in width and 200 cm in length. It will be wide enough to cover my chest and long enough to be wrapped with style.

I mentioned that I bought chiffon shawls from my favorite brand, Mocca. Here they are;

So in love with the glittery chiffon shawl :*

I couldn't help to wear the glittery chiffon shawl. Hihihi... Here it is.

Can you see the glitter? You have to look really closely to see the glitter :D

20 komentar:

Siscapucinoo mengatakan...

huaaa bener mbak...berhubung di padang belum nemu toko yang jual otomatis berkelana dari satu OLshop ke OL shop lain...beda yang jual beda jenis chiffon, beda kerapian jahitannya... Yang mocca ini rapih yaa jahit pinggirnya :)

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

Iya dear, memang sulit ya kalo beli di olshop harus trial n error. Pokoknya kalau beli harus teliti banget deh sama jahitannya. Kalau bisa minta foto jahitannya :)

Adeayu Hadijah mengatakan...

waaah yg glitter bagus ka.. love it.
same here, I'm fallin in love with chiffon shawl.. :D

Yulia Rahmawati mengatakan...

cantiiiiik mbak ;)
I'm starving for chiffon shawl as well
and by the way I heart the colour of your shoes

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

iya seneng banget nemu ini kemarin :) toss dulu ah:D

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

Berarti yg keranjingan banyak ya? hehehe... makasih Yulia :)

Halo Hasta mengatakan...

aku suka chiffon shawl jugaaaaaaaa, selalu pas dipake buat occasion apa aja :))))

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

waa Rini absen juga :D *hi-5 lagi*

Yulia Rahmawati mengatakan...

Mbak miaaaaa
aku punya postingan baru, mampir ya :D

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

Sukaa turbannya :D

chris mengatakan...

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Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

Thank you for the info Chris. I'll directly visit the blog :)

Keke Naima mengatakan...

sy juga lagi suka bgt sm chiffon.. Dan sukanya juga yg panjang.. Udah coba bbrp ukuran tp yg paling pas emang yg panjangnya minimal 180 cm, lebarnya antara 65 s/d 75 cm.. Itu udah enak bgt deh dipakenya ^^

Yulia Rahmawati mengatakan...

mbak miaa, mana ini postingan barunya?
lagi sibuk ya sama bebe?
btw, yulia bikin postingan baru lagi.
come come :D

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

hehe..iya mba aku pernah beli yang agak pendek pas dipake ternyata engga seenak yg panjang ya. Dankarena kurang lebar jadi lebih susah dibikin variasinya. mau dibentuk sepetlrti yang biasa jatuhnya draperinya ga bagus karena terlalu pendek dan bentuknya malah spt persegi panjang. hihihi.. jadi curhat

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

qiqiqi..I'm still working on it, Yulia :)

febrina utami putri mengatakan...

yes i can see the glitter on your scarf, and it's so lovely and unique! you look dazzling in them :)

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

Thank you, Febrina :)

Meisza Adilla Herssy mengatakan...

Yes ka... I can see the glitter, me too i'm falling in love too with shiffon shawl... Enak buat dipake apa aja ka, cocok bgt kalau lg mau buru-buru.. :)



Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

iya ya, Cha. pakenya simpel tapi bisa keliatan 'tampil' :)

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