Inspirasi Hijab Outfit : When Pink Meets Black

Do you like rain? I love rain. It's pretty romantic, I mean, without the thunder and the lightning :D. I remember the times when I was a child and I carried my big umbrella almost everyday on rainy season. Even when I was in college my friends and I used to love running in the rain in our waterproof jacket. I like it when we stop by somewhere to get warm and have something to eat. Or jump in to a bus sitting side by side, watching the rain outside from the bus window and laugh while the music man playing his guitar.

It's been raining almost every day now. Yesterday, my Hubby, my Bebe and I were about to go somewhere when the rain fell down again. So I asked my hubby for a photo shoot while waiting for the rain to stop :P.

I like this pink meets black combination. It gives a soft color and a bold color at the same time. Comfy sweater, comfy pants, comfy shoes. Nothing's better than a warm comfy outfit in a cold rainy day, isn't it?

Sweater - Unbranded
Pants - colorbox
Boots - Fly Shoes


Olivia Kamal mengatakan…
just think that a fit to body sling bag bikin tambah oke!
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
nice advice :)

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