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Inspirasi Hijab Outfit: Memadankan Cardigan

My sister in law, along with my mother and father in law are visiting us. It's so nice to see them again because we miss them and haven't met them since Lebaran holiday. 
Now, I want to introduce you to my lovely sister in law. Her name is Yuniar and currently is working in one of sharia banks in Indonesia. She's easy going, fun and lively. I like her style. Her style is feminine, young, and yet so sweet :). And the most important is, she's available! Hehehe...

I took her photos today and here are some of them.


ALIF... Alhamdulillah It's Friday! We always feel excited when we talk about weekend, don't we? And for some people, maybe this weekend will be avery long weekend :D. 
Now I just want to share my new watermark for my photos. Yeah, I've been thinking about this for a long time but I'm just lousy in designing artwork. So I'm trying the best I can. Hehehe....
Here is my new watermark.

Now anytime you see photos with this watermark, you can be sure that it's taken from my blog, okay?
Happy weekend to you all :D.

Make-Up Review: Caring Colours BB Cream Everlast

Hi, girls! This is my first make up review. I haven't done something like this before but I found this product about two weeks ago and I want to share it with you.

I have oily skin so it's a little hard to find a good product that doesn't make my face look more oily. I use a matte moisturizer to lessen it and I think it was pretty good.

Then, I read about BB cream a few weeks ago on Wolipop and I was curious with that "magic" cream (Women! :D). It is said that BB Cream (Blemish Balm Cream) has the benefit of moisturizer, primer (make-up base), foundation and sunscreen put together. WOW! 
So when my Hubby went to Watson to buy deodorant stick I decided to go along and bought BB Cream from Caring Colours, a local brand. I chose the purple one, for oily skin. It had 20% discount plus there's a loose powder (10 g) as a bonus! It's worth only about IDR50,000.00 or so :D.

It's been a couple of weeks since I tried this BB Cream on and I have to say it is good. I…

My Bebe's Filthy Shoes

I want to tell you about the story of my Bebe and a pair of filthy shoes. The filthy shoes in the picture is my Bebe's all time favorite shoes. Well, the story goes like this.

My Bebe is almost 2 years old now. And dealing with her problems just quite fun. Especially dealing with those things that seems very little for Mama and Papa but eventually is so big for her.
When my Bebe was almost 1 year old and start to walk on her own, I bought her a new pair of shoes because she only had pre-walker shoes. But here's the thing: she didn't like wearing shoes. She constantly trying to remove the shoes from her feet so I thought I would buy her shoes with strings. Here is the picture of it,

I love this shoes because it's pink and I used to have a pink converse in college :P. Well, it worked. After that my Bebe never tried to remove the shoes from her feet again.
A few months after, my Hubby's friend got married and my Bebe didn't have shoes that would go well with her dress…

From Carnation Mom in Action 2012

Hello :). Just a quick post of the last event I attended. It's called Carnation Mom in Action 2012.
The ladies in the Dahlia Block won a competition held by Carnation last week in our neighborhood. So, these three ladies chefs went to compete in the finals against the other ladies chefs in Depok. 
The event itself held in the D-Mall on Dec 15, 2012. I was there taking some pictures. Here are some of them;

Thanks for reading friends! Happy weekend for all of you! :)

Robin Scherbatsky's Easy Chic

Do you like watching the How I Met Your Mother TV series? Well, I do :D. I like Robin Scherbatsky's style especially on season 7 and 8.
Robin is a news anchor in one of the television in New York. I always love how she dressed, you know, a typical New York City girl. But lately, she looks so fresh with new haircut and new looks. She wore many outfits with a very simple but very good cuts, patterns, and colors.
I like it when we see fashion on TV, magazine, or the news and we say, "Hey, she looks so chic and I can definitely wear that!" 
Well, let me show you some of the outfits.

High Utility

Something bothered my mind after I attended the #BloggerBicara Fashion event. It's because of what one of the speakers, a shopaholic, said to us. She said she didn't have tips to shop because she only buy what she likes and she can spend millions only to shop for clothings. 
Well, she's one lucky girl. I am just one of the common women who has limited budgets. Especially after got married and gave birth to a daughter :D. I am pretty careful in spending money, especially for shopping. Even the title of this post is my first rule in shopping: High Utility.
I believe in quality when choosing my clothes. I don't buy clothes that I consider unnecessary. But I'm willing to spend a little bit more for a good quality.
For me, high utility means, that I can wear the clothes to many occasions. The color matches other clothes in my closet so I don't have to buy another item. Example: A good quality black pants, nude pants, black shawl, black blazer, nude shoes. You know, the…

Bikin Hijab Class, Yuk!

Last Thursday, the islamic studies group in our neighborhood held our own hijab class. It's not really a hijab class. It's just us sharing our tips in wearing hijab.
Well, according to the first plan, we were going to make a cooking class. But since no one was prepared for it, we took a decision to make a hijab class instead :D.
Let me introduce you to my friends :) 

The first one to share the hijab style was Mrs. Pipit. This is the first style with cotton shawl,

And these are the first hijab style of the participants :)

#BloggerBicara Fashion

Last Sunday I attended a blogger event called #BloggerBicara Fashion. This is actually an annual event held by BlogDetik. BloggerBicara means BloggerSpeaks, only this year, the theme of the event was about fashion.
As you probably know, I am a stay at home mom. It's really hard for me to be away from my Bebe even only for a few hours. Well, that weekend my Hubby said he was going to take care of our daughter. He knew that I need some 'me time' and encouraged me to go alone. "After all, she's my daughter too," He said. 
Before I went off he said again, "If anything turned to be wrong or you don't like it. Don't be upset, okay? Don't worry about us. Just have fun."
Huhuhu... My dearest Hubby.... :'). Yeah that is the best thing when you have a spouse. There always someone to be there before you and say, "Hey, it's alright. I got your back!"
And so I went there with a friend of mine, Mrs Pipit. We live at the same neighborhood…