#BloggerBicara Fashion

Last Sunday I attended a blogger event called #BloggerBicara Fashion. This is actually an annual event held by BlogDetik. BloggerBicara means BloggerSpeaks, only this year, the theme of the event was about fashion.

As you probably know, I am a stay at home mom. It's really hard for me to be away from my Bebe even only for a few hours. Well, that weekend my Hubby said he was going to take care of our daughter. He knew that I need some 'me time' and encouraged me to go alone. "After all, she's my daughter too," He said. 

Before I went off he said again, "If anything turned to be wrong or you don't like it. Don't be upset, okay? Don't worry about us. Just have fun."

Huhuhu... My dearest Hubby.... :'). Yeah that is the best thing when you have a spouse. There always someone to be there before you and say, "Hey, it's alright. I got your back!"

And so I went there with a friend of mine, Mrs Pipit. We live at the same neighborhood and decided to went there together. The event took place at FX Mall Sudirman. So we took a commuter line train from Depok to Jakarta.

We were so lucky that there are so few passengers in the women's coach that day. That's rarely happened because the train usually full of people especially on weekdays. Look at the picture of Mrs. Pipit inside the train. The couch actually looks pretty good, doesn't it? :D

Mrs. Pipit
We got off at Sudirman Station at about 11.30 am. There's something weird at the station when we try to stop a taxi. Some man looked at us like he had a bad intention so we rushed our steps. We hurriedly went under a street palisade and hurriedly stop a taxi. Yaikh! 

When we were arrived at the venue, Mrs Pipit introduced me to two friends: Mrs. Myra Anastasia and Mrs. Fadlun. There's a wall of fame and we took some pictures :D


Mrs. Pipit and Mrs. Fadlun.
Mrs. Myra.
They are so lovely aren't they? Well, since I've been blogging only for these last three months, this was the the first blogger event I attended. It's great. I mean, I used to be an intern and a freelance journalist for a number of mass media before and so attending such event was not anything new for me. But to be there as a blogger, I am me. I represent myself, not my company. And that was big fun! :). Such a newbie :P. 

This event actually was a closing event of Jakarta Fashion Market 2012. So there are many fashion stands you rarely see in here. Many of them are online shops. 

Una Style Stand

Goie Shoes and Bags

So, as you see in the poster of the event, we had three guest stars. Diyan Arto, a Fashion Designer; Latifah Riphat, a Shopaholic; and Aria Rajasa, owner of gantibaju.com and tees.co.id. They were sharing many useful stuffs about fashion and how it can turn to be a very good business.

From left to right: Karel Andersen, Diyan Arto, Lathifah Riphat and Aria Rajasa 

Diyan Arto

Diyan is a Batik fashion designer. Her line named Diyan Arto and her boutique is located in Laweyan District, city of Solo. She's such a humble person. She shared her ups and downs stories of the business.

She started the business from zero, trying to prove that her father was wrong to doubt her, when she took the decision to start a business in fashion.

Just to hear her talked I just knew that this psychology bachelor knows so much about batik. She wanted batik to be seen younger and fashionable. So she came up with ideas to create not only handmade batik or stamped batik, she creates pattern that mix the two patterns together. She refuse to produce printed batik because she said the quality is no good. 

She insists her workers to meet her rules in the production process to keep the good quality. She believes that although there is a size chart (S,M,L,XL), every costumer need to be measured in order to get a one fine-fitting clothes.

Moreover, she also provides costumers with honest informations about the products. When a customer asked her to make a handmade customized batik on a rainy season, she will say that the production process will take about 5 to 6 months, not less. 

If one customer try on a product, she will talk straightly if it a good choice or not. She believe honesty is a foundation of a good business.

In the end of the talk show, Diyan said that we can't be too idealistic in fashion business. We also have to think about the market. What people want and what kind of design that people like. Because we need the business to bring us the money in shortly.

Diyan said she used to be so in to branded fashion products. But after having her own business, she turned to spend less. Because now, anytime she want to shop, she'll remember all of her workers and their families. She think that she has to be able to pay them. So, spending money to shop was not on her first list anymore.

Lathifah Riphat

Lathifah is a shopaholic. She shared her stories about her habit in shopping. While she was waiting for the talk show to begin, she had spent IDR 1 Million already! Wow!  

Karel Andersen, the host, asked her the highest amount of money she ever spent just for fashion in one day. And she said, IDR 40 Million. 

Well, it's not that I never heard of this before. But that was the first time I heard it directly from someone with sparks in her eyes as she talked about her shopping habit. 

Aria Rajasa

Aria is the owner of gantibaju.com and tees.co.id. Actually, he said, he has computer studies background and didn't know anything about designing clothes. So, he talked with his friends and they think of how to make money without even bother making the design.

They came up with gantibaju.com. The idea was to make a design competition every month where costumers can compete their own designs. The winner will be awarded, the designed will be applied on the shirts, and costumers will buy them. "So every body's happy," he said.

About business, Aria pointed out that if we want to start our own business, we have to start it now, just start and don't think. We will always have reason to stop so just start now. 

Two business owners and they have shared so much tips how to start our own business already!

And I have to say Karel Andersen was a good host. He threw so many good questions as much as his silly jokes. Hahaha...

After the talk show, there was a performance from Girl Band Ala Emak-Emak Blogger. They sang the beautiful songs Bunda and When You Tell Me That You Love Me. Their voices are actually pretty good. Here they are,

Mak Fiki, Mak Olly and Mak Wiwiek

After the performance, we had a fashion show from Diyan Arto Collections presented by bloggers as the models. Here they are,

Pretty in Pink.

Do you see the worm pattern on the white top?
It's called cacingan and
it is the earmark of Diyan Arto

Of all the blogger models, I only recognize this face.
This is Mak Mira Sahid.
Makpon or Mak Founder of Kumpulan Emak-Emak Blogger.

Diyan explaining her designs

Karel Andersen throwing jokes over the participants

Overall, it was big fun! :D


Maya Siswadi mengatakan…
nice reportase ^___*
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Thank you, Mba Maya :)
Waya Komala mengatakan…
wah, ternyata dirimu ada ya? iiih nyesel banget nggak ketemu.. :(
NANA mengatakan…
best..best :)
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
iya Mba. Aku liat mba Waya dapet hadiah ya kayknya? tapi setelah itu ngga liat lagi karena aku buru-buru pulang :(. Kapan-kapan ketemu yu Mba kalo ada acara lagi :)
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Thank you, Nana :)
Ms. Kat mengatakan…
ada mak mira jg.. nice photos mak mia <3
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Thank you Mba :). Iya Mak Mira jadi model catwalk :)
bundayati.com mengatakan…
Woow....kacamatamia, your English is awesome. I should learn a written English with you. Your grammar in writing your article is almost perfect. Bravo kacamatamia. Speaking about mix and match for our clothes, may I thumb up for your choice. I have to say you honestly that not many young women having their opinion same as yours in term of High Utility (including high quality of something).
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Bundaaa.. Thank you.. coming from you, I am so overwhelmed with your comment :)

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