High Utility

Something bothered my mind after I attended the #BloggerBicara Fashion event. It's because of what one of the speakers, a shopaholic, said to us. She said she didn't have tips to shop because she only buy what she likes and she can spend millions only to shop for clothings. 

Well, she's one lucky girl. I am just one of the common women who has limited budgets. Especially after got married and gave birth to a daughter :D. I am pretty careful in spending money, especially for shopping. Even the title of this post is my first rule in shopping: High Utility.

I believe in quality when choosing my clothes. I don't buy clothes that I consider unnecessary. But I'm willing to spend a little bit more for a good quality.

For me, high utility means, that I can wear the clothes to many occasions. The color matches other clothes in my closet so I don't have to buy another item. Example: A good quality black pants, nude pants, black shawl, black blazer, nude shoes. You know, the items that you can easily mix and match to other stuffs in my closet.

Second, high utility means that it can stand longer. I can wear it many times without being worried that the clothes will be ruined. And I can wash it many times and it still got its best shape.

Last but not least, high utility means that the cut or design will be last for a longer time so I don't have to worry if the design will be soon outdated. 

I learned this rule from my Mom. She has many fashion items that, I have to say, lasts for years. I told you in my last post I wore her palazzo pants that she bought when I was in Junior High School (around 1996). She has bright colored pants too that she bought around 1998 and surprisingly becoming trends again in 2012 :D.

I didn't mean to say that I don't like spending money for pleasure. I sometimes shop for cute tops or colored pants. Sometimes I shopped at ITC too. I just don't do that too often.

When I buy something, at least it must meet one of my high utility rules. Because I need to be sure that when I buy something, it will not be a waste.

Black Pants = wear it to many occasions, it can stand for a pretty long time (maybe 1-2 years),
and the cut definitely won't be outdated soon.

Stripe Shirt = wear it to many occasions depending on how we mix it. This pattern never outdated.
The quality? I don't know... Hahaha :D.

Pink Jacket = it stands for a pretty long time (I bought it on 2008).

Black Shawl = definitely wear it to many occasions. The color will never be outdated.
Stands for a long time (bought it on 2010).

Black-red shoes = wear it to many occasions. 


Junita Siregar mengatakan…
Frugal time..... Don't ruin your future because of mispending money today. Smart women know how to spend it in the right moments.
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Very true, Mba Sari! Misspending money will effect the family and the kids behavior when they are grown up.
Yulia Rahmawati mengatakan…
lovely pink jacket!
sometimes I follow smart shopping rure
and sometimes I break it
especially if I found too cute things, even when i know I can't wear it. Just love to see them stay in my closet
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Yes sometimes we have to break the shopping rules just to prove that we are women. lol :D
u n n i mengatakan…
:) wah , nice rules !
u r right mbk... u r smart in arranging your mind, your need, your style , and your 'quality' at the same time :D eitss, n also your moneyy ,, hhehee

may i know how old u are ? ;)

Sishi Semet mengatakan…
i just couldn't agree more! smart buying is really important, which i still trying so hard to apply. hehe. i also try to buy basic items that are versatile & season-less so i can wear all year long and easy to mix&match. also strive for quality like leather or fine lace. thanks for sharing, Mia!
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Yes Sishi, it's pretty hard to apply. You describe it more perfectly in your words than mine. And they are so easy to remember: versatile and season-less :D
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
not that perfect Unni... I'm just trying :). I'm 28 years old now. How about you?

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