Minggu, 09 Desember 2012

Bikin Hijab Class, Yuk!

Last Thursday, the islamic studies group in our neighborhood held our own hijab class. It's not really a hijab class. It's just us sharing our tips in wearing hijab.

Well, according to the first plan, we were going to make a cooking class. But since no one was prepared for it, we took a decision to make a hijab class instead :D.

Let me introduce you to my friends :) 

Mrs. Rusiah Ichwan and Mrs. Wiwik

Mrs. Pipit. She's one of the tutor.

Best friends. Mrs Monica, Mrs. Lia and Azkia.

Me and My Bebe

Mrs. Desi and Abin

Mrs. Yuli and Iffah. Mrs Yuli is our teacher :).

The first one to share the hijab style was Mrs. Pipit. This is the first style with cotton shawl,

First style hijab demo by Mrs. Pipit.

And these are the first hijab style of the participants :)

They look good, don't they? :)

The second style by Mrs. Ine, using a square paris scarf,

This is Hana Tajima style but it's super easy!
Mrs. Ine only use one safety pin for this style :D

And this is me sharing hijab style with chiffon shawl,

Mrs. Fitri Nurfitriani as a model :).

It's always fun to share good things with your best friends, isn't it? So beside searching for new hijab styles on the Internet, you can always ask your friends for new tips for hijab. It's easier too because you can always ask them when you don't understand the steps :). 

5 komentar:

Ms. Kat mengatakan...

wooow, ibu2nya kompak ya.. salut..

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

Iya Mba. Seru deh dan kita bisa tanya-tanya tips seputar inner ninja yang bagus, bahan hijab, dan kalo ga ngerti juga bisa tanya langsung. Hehehe...

Keke Naima mengatakan...

jd axaranya dr kita utk kita ya :D

Keke Naima mengatakan...

ups maksudnya acaranya :D

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

hahaha... iya mba, sharing aja seru-seruan :D

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