My Bebe's Filthy Shoes

The most favorite shoes.

I want to tell you about the story of my Bebe and a pair of filthy shoes. The filthy shoes in the picture is my Bebe's all time favorite shoes. Well, the story goes like this.

My Bebe is almost 2 years old now. And dealing with her problems just quite fun. Especially dealing with those things that seems very little for Mama and Papa but eventually is so big for her.

When my Bebe was almost 1 year old and start to walk on her own, I bought her a new pair of shoes because she only had pre-walker shoes. But here's the thing: she didn't like wearing shoes. She constantly trying to remove the shoes from her feet so I thought I would buy her shoes with strings. Here is the picture of it,

Pink canvas shoes.

I love this shoes because it's pink and I used to have a pink converse in college :P. Well, it worked. After that my Bebe never tried to remove the shoes from her feet again.

A few months after, my Hubby's friend got married and my Bebe didn't have shoes that would go well with her dress so we decided to buy a more girlie shoes.

Yes, it's the filthy shoes we bought. I used to love the shoes. It's pink and it looked very comfortable too. I tried to fold it and it bounced back again perfectly. And the most important is my Bebe loves it.

Here is the thing: when we went some where, my Hubby and I used to pick the newer shoes over the pink converse because it was easier to put on. The pink converse have many strings that we sometimes troubled with especially when your daughter's feet cannot stop moving around :D.

Time flies and my Bebe's shoes became like this. So filthy with scratches all over it. And do you see that cute bugs on the shoes? Well they used to be bees. But my Bebe lost their antennas somewhere, I think. 

My Bebe loves this shoes so much that she doesn't like the pink converse anymore. She got angry every time I insist her to wear them. But then, as my Bebe's feet getting bigger, the pink converse became too small for her. So Mama and Papa decided that Bebe has to get a new pair of shoes.

Here it is,

My Bebe only wore them five or six times after we bought them.
But look what kind of art attack she did to it already :D.

We chose the same brand as the filthy shoes because we hope it will have a similar comfort to the filthy shoes on her. Well, guess. She doesn't like it. She wore it only in first days and when she wore the filthy one again, she resist to wear it. Yeah we had big fights (my Bebe and I) about shoes. I hate fights, especially on small things. 

Luckily, my mother used to say, "Buy kids shoes with bigger size because they grow up so fast." So since the new shoes were still a little too big for her, I decided to keep calm.

But it's hard to see your own daughter wearing filthy shoes, isn't it? I need to find someway to make her wear new shoes without fighting. So Mama and Papa decided to buy her a new pair of shoes that she likes.

We took her to some stores. Yeah she just love to point at them and say, "Boots! Paw-paw (flower), Shan (sun)." But we ended up with nothing. We tried to put her on some shoes and we ended up fighting again. She yelled and cried loudly,"Gamau, gamau!" that many people looked at us.

Papa asked her gently,"Just choose any shoes you want, okay?"
Bebe stopped crying and took off her own shoes and place it on the shoes rack. Then she took it again, and show it to us,"Ini!" She said. Hahaha... we laughed together.

My dear Bebe, you're so funny but your favorite shoes is so filthy. You need new shoes. So Mama and Papa decided then, in the store, we would buy you a pair of shoes that is comfortable and you can not easily take off yourself. 

The New Shoes.

In that very night, I struggled to put on the new shoes and hide the filthy one. She got angry at first but we made her walk around the mall. We took her to see the choo choo train and the elephant robot and she's happy.

We think that we'll hide her favorite shoes for two weeks or a month at least. Just to make her get used to the new one :).


Rahmi Aziza mengatakan…
Inih komenny ngga harus pake bahasa inggris kan... hehehe.. kalo thifa kayaknya sampai saat ini belum ada barang yang favorit banget,apa aja bisa jadi mainan buat dia, jadi siap2 aja rumah brantakan :D
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Hahaha.. seneng ya mba Rahmi, Thifa apa aja oke jadi ga repot. Aira masih sayang banget sama sepatunya yang itu :)
Kinzihana mengatakan…
what a nice blog.. betah deh disini .. salam kenal ya mba
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Bisa aja mba Hana... Makasih ya Mba.. Salam kenal juga :)
febrina utami putri mengatakan…
your daughter is so cute! i laughed reading that part when she took off her shoes and put it on the display rack, hahahaha. so clever! i love that pink converse, so tiny and cute!
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Hahaha.. yeah those little things that made me thankful for being a mother :D. I love that pink converse to. It's too bad that it is too small for her feet now :(
Keke Naima mengatakan…
umur 2 tahun ya.. kalo Keke sm Nai umur segitu kayaknya masi pasrah di pilihin apa aja.. hihi..
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Belum mba masih 2 bulan lagi 2 tahunnya. Ah dasar nih Aira mah aya-aya wae :D
Waya Komala mengatakan…
naksir sepatunya..., unyuuuu.hehehe. Salam sayang buat si kecil ya.. :)
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
iya unyu kecil-kecil sepatunya :D. Makasih tante Waya, waalaikumussalaam :)
Meisza Adilla Herssy mengatakan…
Wowowowo... Ketawa-ketawa sendiri ka Mia, denger ceritanya :)
Salam sayang buat bebe ya ka Mia , titip cium...

Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
hehehe... makasih ya tante (kemudaan kali yah) Echa :).. waalaikumussalaam...
Adeayu Hadijah mengatakan…
waah asyiknya kak yang udah mau 2 tahun bebenya ^^
senang lihat model sepatu anak balita, paling suka pink canvas shoesnya ka :D
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Iya Ade. Udah mau dsapih ni. Hehehe... aku juga paling suka model itu sayang udah kecil sekarang :(

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