She's My Sister

- OST Barney 

Sometimes we're real close friends,
we stay up late and talk at night
other times we don't get along,
there are even times we fight
but I know she's always there
and I know she'll always care
she's my sister, I love my sister
I've given her a great big hug
when she was feeling sad
but then again I've said some things
that have really made her mad
But I know she's always there
and I know she'll always care
She's my sister, I love my sister
But I know she's always there
and I know she'll always care
She's my sister, I love my sister
She's my sister, I love my sister

I like the Sister Song lyric from Barney because it's simply describes me and my sister.

My sister's name is Safia and my name is Mia. Our parents are Sundanese so they called us Neng Fia and Neng Mia :).

I've been missing my little and only sister so much. I haven't met her since Idul Fitri Holiday. We live in different town and we are so busy with our things. Me with my little family, and she with her studies for the final exam. She's now at 12th grade and is preparing for SNMPTN. I Hope she will be accepted in her favorite university. Aamiin....

We, my sister and I, are 10 years apart. I was born on 1984 and she was born on 1994. But we're so close with each other though our world seems so different :D. She was only in kindergarten when I was crazy about the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync and Westlife. And She is now crazy about Super Junior, Big Bang and SNSD when I already have a little family.

When she got chicken pox she stayed in her room watching the show "Running Man" almost 5 days in a row and laugh so much to something that I don't think that funny. And she was like two days in a row watching Music Banks on KBS pointing to television and screaming "Aww Aaww!" Talking about Korean boys I don't know anything about :D. 

I mean, Really? Korean boys with eyeliners and she thinks that's cool! That was me 15 years ago! Hahaha....

Although we're different in terms of boybands, we love to do things together. We make home made snacks, we are amateurs who love photography, we love noodles, we love to laugh a lot, and we love Pride and Prejudice of Jane Austen :D.

Talking about Pride and Prejudice, I think you should really read or watch it! Every girl should know how to play in the pursuit of Mr. Right without being cheap or how to avoid giving your heart to bad boys. Hahaha... 

My sister and my father is visiting us almost for a week now. My baby girl just said to me,"Ma, Ma, ini Aty (Mom, this is Aunty)."
She can finally called her Aunty :D.

I took her photos a few days ago and I want to share it with you. She's only 18 and she has a fresh, young and lively personality. She played around as I took the photos and I captured some of the fun. Some other are better kept in my laptop because they are just too silly! Hahaha...

Here they are,


Ms. Kat mengatakan…
wah mbak mia, kita sama ya, aku juga cuma 2 bersaudara. aku sama kakakku di malang. aku suka nonton film "in her shoes' tau kan? ceritanya ttg kakak adik juga. aku anak bungsu si, gak tau asiknya punya adek. :)
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
O gitu? Hahaha.. iya sisterhood emang gada matinya ya mba? Aku pernah baca novel dan nonton filmnya. Hahaha.. iya bagus ceritanya. Tapi kalo aku beda jauh umurnya sama adekku jadi konfliknya ga pernah separah itu :D.
Waktu adekku lahir, aku umur 10,5 tahun jadi masih inget dia waktu bayi sampai toddler. Jadi pas anakku sendiri lahir, aku ingat adikku waktu kecil sampe beberapa kali salah manggil anakku jadi manggil namanya :P.hihihi

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