Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Papa and Bebe

A few days ago, I saw Mba Sari's newpost on my dashboard. I read the post and so I know that there was a blog giveaway contest from Ibu Fauzan, Mama Olive, Papanya Cintya-Agas and the idea is to post photos on your blog with the theme of "Potret Lelaki dan Dunia Anak" (Men and The World of Children).

There were so many bloggers posted on their blog and signed in so I read some of the blog posts. I mean, a picture worths a thousand words. It's about the Dads and their children so there must be human interest values on the photos. Wow, many of their photos are amazing. 

I asked myself, why don't I post Papa and Bebe photo's here? After looking for the particular photos in my folders, I found some of the photos that I think good enough. Here they are;

Gazing Each Other.
This photo was taken on new year's eve of 2012 when we had barbeque in our neighborhood.

Sate and Ice Cream.
Bebe ate sate while Papa ate ice cream. This photo was taken 6 months ago
on my  Hubby's office Family Day at Waterbom Pantai Indah Kapuk.

Look! Bubbles!
This photo was taken a few weeks ago at Kampung Gajah, Lembang.

Fell off.
This was happened a few days ago. My Bebe fell off the sofa while she was sleeping and fell right on Papa's face--who was sleeping under. Bebe continued to sleep and Papa was too sleepy to wake up. Hahaha... :D.

All of these photos were taken with DSLR Nikon D40 and I made this post untuk Ibu Fauzan, Mama Olive, Papanya Cintya-Agas.

Senin, 18 Februari 2013

From Indonesia Fashion Week 2013: Jardin de la Sultana

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 was on and I got invitations to Shafira fashion show entitled "Jardin de la Sultana"! I like one of this Indonesia moslem brand because it has elegance characteristics and good fabrics as well as good cuts. 

I was excited too because muslim fashion in Indonesia is changing so much these last three or four years. There were many new muslim brands to meet the needs of muslim customers to be more fashionable. Wearing hijab is not something 'old' anymore. You can cover your awrah while you can still be fashionable too! :D

Okay, back to the event story. The event was held at Jakarta Convention Center on February 15, 2013. There were traffic jams everywhere but Hubby and I finally made it to come to see the show.

Met up with my besties, Yogie, in front of the Plennary hall.
Yogie is a reporter and she went inside the hall before me because she was gathering for the news.

A snap before the show. I looked so pale in this picture. But I like the red color, so whatever lah :P.

Jardin de la Sultana.
This new collection of Shafira was entitled: Jardin de la Sultana. It was inspired by the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. 

Many of these beautiful pieces are in the bright pallet of emerald green, turqoise, pink, royal blue, and silver. The glossy materials represents elegance and luxury at the same time : Satin, tulle, brocade, lace, organdy, and not to forget, the details :).


Anyway, do you notice the turban styles the models were wearing? They look very cool, don't they? Those were the turban styles with draperies on the sides an it used scarves with glossy fabrics so they look very glamour for the evening ( reminding myself to look for this style tutorial on Youtube, hahaha..).

The closing act. The models were making lines like troops in colorful uniforms :).

There is something interesting too with the choreography in the closing act. The models marched like soldiers. They were dressed in colorful tulle skirts and white blazers, holding bags in their hands. And In the end, they made a horizontal formation like pawns in the chess game. Hahaha.. I love it :).

The last pose of the models. Ended by the last model at the center of the stage. 

Top - ZX
Pants - Shafira
Wedges - GOSH

That was the news I have from IFW 2013 that I attended guys. I'll see you in the next post :).

Sabtu, 16 Februari 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding

Finally one of my best friends is married! Hehehe... Welcome to the club ya Mrs. Vetri :).

The wedding was held on February 10, 2013 at Gedung Padepokan Pencak Silat TMII and we, me and my girl friends (Nisa and Yogie), were so excited! We decided to wear a pink as dresscode :D.

I love it when we meet up like this. We were so busy with our family, jobs, and our routine that sometimes we found it hard to make time to talk to each other and share stories. 

You know, some friends are really close to our hearts. We are friends for about 11 years now. We met when we were studying Journalism Studies at Communication Faculty of Padjadjaran University (UNPAD), Bandung.

Me, Yogie, and Vetri were at the same boarding house. But Nisa came to our boarding house so often. There was our other best friend Epoy actually. But now she lives in Yogyakarta and it's been a long time since we met her :(.

Yogie's room was next to mine. So practically, we woke up, got dressed, doing our college thingy, stayed up late, watching movies (korean, old, and horror movies!) together :D. Yeah, I know how they look, what they do and what sound they made when they were asleep or woke up. Hahaha...

When you have such best friends that knows you so well, you're very lucky! :D

Okay, back to the wedding story...

Nisa is the one who was arrived early and had a chance to witness the union. My Hubby and I took a wrong turn in the highway so we arrived a bit late, just after the akad nikah (union).

Yogie? Ah, she arrived on time! On a perfect timing when they start the buffet! hahaha... She arrived late at about 11.30 am because she had to go to some family reunion in the morning.

Here are some photos my Hubby and I took at the wedding;

One of the pre-wedding photo. Hihihi.. I think we know whose the winner of the game :P.

Me and Nisa. Huhuhu.. miss our togetherness so much :3.

My little family :).

Atika, Me, Yogie, Nisa. Argh Yogie why did you arrive so late! :P

The Pretty Bride, Vetri.

After the wedding, Hubby and I went to a mall we needed to do grocery shopping and we just wanted to hang out :).

Let's do some grocery shopping! :D

Senin, 11 Februari 2013

One Top for Two Occasions (Memakai Satu Atasan Untuk Dua Event Berbeda)

Assalaamu'alaikum. Hello again! I want to share my outfit in my best friend's wedding day. 

My girl friends and I were agreed to wear pink to the wedding. So I was excited to find my pink outfits. I found this Mermaid Skirt from Restu Anggraini and this pink Mullet Top from Simply Mii at Muse 101 FX Sudirman. 

Scarf - Beepa Collection (found in Ria Miranda booth at the last Muslimah Fest)
Mermaid Skirt - Restu Anggraini
Pink Mullet Top - Simply Mii
Shoes - Stefania Baldo

After the wedding, Hubby and I need to do some grocery shopping and we just wanted to hang out. The Mermaid skirt actually made of french tulle and it's very delicate so I didn't want to ruined it. So I changed my skirt to this blue pants and changed the heels to the wedges :).

Luckily, this Mullet Top is great for both occasions, yes? :D

Pants - atmosphere
Wedges - GOSH!
I have stories and more photos about the wedding. But I think I will share it in the next post. Have a nice day every one! :)

Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

Jalan-Jalan di Bandung (Part II) : Review Kampung Gajah

The next day, Sunday, we planned to go to The Ranch at Lembang. We searched the location on maps application in our phone the night before so in the morning, we felt ready to go.

My hubby made the maps followed our movements via GPS so that we knew if we went the wrong way or got lost. We actually tried to avoid traffic jam in Bandung and Lembang so we decided to take another way. It was actually a difficult track because the road was pretty narrow but we think it's gonna save our time so we could go home to Depok in the afternoon when the sun is still above the horizon.

Well, it turned out that it was a bad decision. The roads were very narrow, bad and we got lost three times! When we finally made it to get out of the heavy roads, we found out that we were at Geger Kalong Kidul, which is easier to reach from the city! -_-'

Okay, fine. We finally got out at Jl. Setiabudi and despite going to The Ranch, we decided to go to Kampung Gajah instead. 

We paid IDR70,000. IDR60,000 for three tickets and IDR10,000 for parking fee. There was an opening act from kids movie characters dancing Gangnam Style. It's pretty funny actually :D.

Kampung Gajah Go-Kart Arena.  

Kampung Gajah is more like a fun city with the games that children can play and foodstands all over the place. Unfortunately, we had to pay IDR20,000 more for every game and we thought our Bebe is not big enough to play so we didn't take any single game. It would be a waste.

We just took pictures as many as we could :D. 

Walking with papa towards the man making big bubbles :).

Wow! Big Bubbles! :D

Catch them! :D

My Bebe was so happy that day especially when finding stairs. She kept running all the places and she couldn't stop laughing :). 

We left Kampung Gajah at noon. We had lunch at my mother in law's house, went to our house in Cimahi to take our  suitcase and drove home.

It was raining in Cipularang highway. We stopped at km 97 Rest Area to buy some coffee and set Ashar prayer. They have a pretty big mosque in this area and the toilets are clean :D.

It was still raining heavily after we bought coffee but we decided to keep go on because it was only an hour until it is dark. If we wait, we were not sure if the rain would stop soon and if the rain wouldn't stop, it would be very dark and heavy raining on the highway. It would be more dangerous. 

It was 6.30 PM when we got out of the highway. We were hungry and need to set Magrib prayer so we stopped at the nearest KFC.

Let's eat! We were so hungry :).

Last shot before we drove home. Smile girls :D.

That was our short trip to Bandung. It's not as perfect as we wished, but everything is beautiful when you do it with your loved ones, isn't it? Have a nice day every one!

See you in the next post yah! :)

Selasa, 05 Februari 2013

Jalan-Jalan di Bandung : Makan di Resto Sambara Jl. Trunojoyo

Hello everyone! How are you? I miss posting in my blog so much but barely had time to make one because I've been busy lately. Well, I'm going to share our last trip to Bandung last weekend.

It was actually unplanned but we haven't gone home since last Idul Fitri holiday. So it's been 5 months already! We missed our family, our house in Cimahi, the sundanese food, and there was the Indonesia Muslimah Fest Event held in Sasana Budaya Ganesha ITB! Yeaay!! Hihihi....

We drove from Depok early in the morning after Shubuh prayer. We arrived at our house in Cimahi at 7 am, took a bath, grab some breakfast, then we went to Muslimah fest at 10 am. 

There were many hijab products on sale. This is the only photograph we made because I was busy looking for items on sale :D.

I told my Hubby I was going to look for scarfs so he warned me every time I looked for clothes on sale. He just knew me so well :P. I had to keep my eyes off the clothes the whole time.

I bought four scarfs. One of them is red, and three of them are in different shades of pink :P. I have many pink scarfs in my closet, I just can't get enough of it. It's not that I am so in to the color, I just love pink on my face :D.

We were so hungry so we quickly decided to grab lunch at Sambara Restaurant on Jl. Trunojoyo, near Gedung Sate. I recommend this Sundanese Restaurant because the food are delicious, it's cheaper than other Sundanese Restaurant (we've been everywhere), but still have the sense of sundanese environment. They have free hot tea (refill), free lalapan (raw vegetables), free sambal (traditional spicy sauce) and free soup of the day. 

We just love Sundanese food. They say Sundanese love vegetables. Well, we do! :D

1. Warm rice in a container made of braided bamboo, well-fried Gurame (carp fish), fried tempe, and raw vegetables. 2. Tumis toge asin jambal. 3. Sayur Asem, sambal terasi, and the spicy sambal cabe hijau.
4. Hot tea in a glass. I love that cup so much because the glass is thick and keeps the tea hot.

After lunch, we went to my mother in law's house and in the evening we have dinner at Warung Pasta on Jl. Ganesha. Warung Pasta have many choices of pasta, baked pasta and pizza. I love the crunchy pizza they have. We've came to this restaurant many times too. It was too bad that we didn't take pictures there. It was traffic jam every where in Bandung so we were a little tired.

I still have stories on day 2 but I will share it in the next post. Stay tune yah! :D

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