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Jalan-Jalan di Bandung (Part II) : Review Kampung Gajah

The next day, Sunday, we planned to go to The Ranch at Lembang. We searched the location on maps application in our phone the night before so in the morning, we felt ready to go.

My hubby made the maps followed our movements via GPS so that we knew if we went the wrong way or got lost. We actually tried to avoid traffic jam in Bandung and Lembang so we decided to take another way. It was actually a difficult track because the road was pretty narrow but we think it's gonna save our time so we could go home to Depok in the afternoon when the sun is still above the horizon.

Well, it turned out that it was a bad decision. The roads were very narrow, bad and we got lost three times! When we finally made it to get out of the heavy roads, we found out that we were at Geger Kalong Kidul, which is easier to reach from the city! -_-'

Okay, fine. We finally got out at Jl. Setiabudi and despite going to The Ranch, we decided to go to Kampung Gajah instead. 

We paid IDR70,000. IDR60,000 for three tickets and IDR10,000 for parking fee. There was an opening act from kids movie characters dancing Gangnam Style. It's pretty funny actually :D.

Kampung Gajah Go-Kart Arena.  

Kampung Gajah is more like a fun city with the games that children can play and foodstands all over the place. Unfortunately, we had to pay IDR20,000 more for every game and we thought our Bebe is not big enough to play so we didn't take any single game. It would be a waste.

We just took pictures as many as we could :D. 

Walking with papa towards the man making big bubbles :).

Wow! Big Bubbles! :D

Catch them! :D

My Bebe was so happy that day especially when finding stairs. She kept running all the places and she couldn't stop laughing :). 

We left Kampung Gajah at noon. We had lunch at my mother in law's house, went to our house in Cimahi to take our  suitcase and drove home.

It was raining in Cipularang highway. We stopped at km 97 Rest Area to buy some coffee and set Ashar prayer. They have a pretty big mosque in this area and the toilets are clean :D.

It was still raining heavily after we bought coffee but we decided to keep go on because it was only an hour until it is dark. If we wait, we were not sure if the rain would stop soon and if the rain wouldn't stop, it would be very dark and heavy raining on the highway. It would be more dangerous. 

It was 6.30 PM when we got out of the highway. We were hungry and need to set Magrib prayer so we stopped at the nearest KFC.

Let's eat! We were so hungry :).

Last shot before we drove home. Smile girls :D.

That was our short trip to Bandung. It's not as perfect as we wished, but everything is beautiful when you do it with your loved ones, isn't it? Have a nice day every one!

See you in the next post yah! :)

16 komentar:

Adeayu Hadijah mengatakan...

sukaaa big bubblenya ka ^^
topi rajutnya jug lucu XD
anak kaka totally cute! pengen deh nyubit gendong dan nyium pipinya hihihi. salam dari tante ayu XD

sayanf ya ka sempat nyasar, itu juga terjadi sama aku, krn dulu belum terlalu tahu kota banjarmasin, kemana mana pke gps, eh ternyata jalan yang ditempuh malah lebih jauh.

suka ekspresi bebe pas di coffee shop ^^

dey mengatakan...

kampung gajah itu dekat dengan rumahku Mak .. :)

Ms. Kat mengatakan...

I love your bebe photo with her new hat, she's so cute, and the last photo, adorable mom and baby girl <3

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

Iya lucu ya. Aku juga suka.wkwkwk.. waalaikumsalam.. sini tante Ayu maen ke Depok :). Iya ya Yu, mgkn kita emang gabisa pake GPS enakan nanya2. Hihihi..

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

O giti ya mba? Rumahnya di daerah sersan Bajuri juga? Kopdar yu kapan2 :D

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

I love those photos too mba :).. thank you

Meisza Adilla Herssy mengatakan...

Ihh...bebenya lucuk bangeett ka Mia...Tante echa mau dong big bubblesnya :p *ciumbebe* Mukanya tau banget deh ka Mia kalau difoto.



Yulia Rahmawati mengatakan...

oh your bebe is so cute mbak :D
wish I could meet her someday
by the way, jadi pengen ke kampung gajah


Yulia Rahmawati

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

Wkwkwk.. lucu ya big bubblesnya? iya skrg dia udah sadar kamera. Kalo difoto suka bilang "cheese!" Trus kadang dia nanya sama yg foto,"udah?" Trus kita bilang, iya udah, abis tu dia main2 lagi. Hihihi

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

Makasih tante Yulia :)) ayo maen ksini hm, kl kata aku mah kampung gajah biasa aja yah, ga terlalu seru.heehehe

Adeayu Hadijah mengatakan...

Hihihi smoga tante ayu bisa ke depok yaa nanti XD

Bener ka, biar pake gps, tetep aja nyasar dan nanya-nanya wkwkwk

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

Aamiin... hehehe iyaa... kadang malah suka lebih jauh :(

Desy Yusnita mengatakan...

Hai Mba...Apa kabar...
Nyari track ke D'Ranch melalui GPS emang akan error. Kemarin berhasil nemu jalan alternatif dari applikasi navigator di android sementara si GPS diem ajah hehehehe, belum update kayanya.

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

Hoo... pantaslah kalau begitu mba Dessy. Baiklah nanti kalo kesana lagi caritaunya ga pake GPS-GPS-an berarti ya :D.

Unknown mengatakan...

Wowww gorgeous post, everything looks great !!!

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

Thank you Eriel :)

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