My Best Friend's Wedding

Finally one of my best friends is married! Hehehe... Welcome to the club ya Mrs. Vetri :).

The wedding was held on February 10, 2013 at Gedung Padepokan Pencak Silat TMII and we, me and my girl friends (Nisa and Yogie), were so excited! We decided to wear a pink as dresscode :D.

I love it when we meet up like this. We were so busy with our family, jobs, and our routine that sometimes we found it hard to make time to talk to each other and share stories. 

You know, some friends are really close to our hearts. We are friends for about 11 years now. We met when we were studying Journalism Studies at Communication Faculty of Padjadjaran University (UNPAD), Bandung.

Me, Yogie, and Vetri were at the same boarding house. But Nisa came to our boarding house so often. There was our other best friend Epoy actually. But now she lives in Yogyakarta and it's been a long time since we met her :(.

Yogie's room was next to mine. So practically, we woke up, got dressed, doing our college thingy, stayed up late, watching movies (korean, old, and horror movies!) together :D. Yeah, I know how they look, what they do and what sound they made when they were asleep or woke up. Hahaha...

When you have such best friends that knows you so well, you're very lucky! :D

Okay, back to the wedding story...

Nisa is the one who was arrived early and had a chance to witness the union. My Hubby and I took a wrong turn in the highway so we arrived a bit late, just after the akad nikah (union).

Yogie? Ah, she arrived on time! On a perfect timing when they start the buffet! hahaha... She arrived late at about 11.30 am because she had to go to some family reunion in the morning.

Here are some photos my Hubby and I took at the wedding;

One of the pre-wedding photo. Hihihi.. I think we know whose the winner of the game :P.

Me and Nisa. Huhuhu.. miss our togetherness so much :3.

My little family :).

Atika, Me, Yogie, Nisa. Argh Yogie why did you arrive so late! :P

The Pretty Bride, Vetri.

After the wedding, Hubby and I went to a mall we needed to do grocery shopping and we just wanted to hang out :).

Let's do some grocery shopping! :D


Waya Komala mengatakan…
naksir baju pinkynya...,hehehe
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Ada di MUSE 101 di FX mba Waya. Hehe.. jadi iklan :P

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