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Bebe's Weaning Diary (Part 1) : Cerita Menyapih Aira

This is the story of my Bebe's weaning diary. Sudah sebulan lebih sejak Bebe disapih pertama kali tepat sehari setelah ulang tahunnya. Postingan ini sudah lama menunggu di draft saya untuk ditulis. Fotonya sudah siap, tapi ternyata menyapih itu membutuhkan energi yang sangat besar. Saya pun belum berani memposting sebelum saya merasa penyapihannya berhasil. Wew, menyapih itu tantangannya lebih besar dari yang saya duga. Untungnya saya dan suami sudah mempersiapkan diri. Hehehe... So this is how the story goes. Komitmen memberikan ASI selama dua tahun adalah komitmen yang sangat besar. Many sleepless nights at the beginning, pegal-pegal leher dan bahu saat bangun tidur, sibuk mencari baju yang breast-feeding friendly, nyari ruang menyusui saat di mall sambil anak sudah teriak-teriak minta mimi sudah biasa.  Tapi breastfeeding itu memang tidak ternilai, priceless.  It's something that money can't buy. Really! and more over, It's something that no perfect words c

Winning My First Giveaway! :D

On my last post, I shared Papa and Bebe's photos for a blog giveaway contests entitled "Potret Lelaki dan Dunia Anak" (Men and The World of Children). Well, guess what! I was one of the winner! My photo wasn't the first winner but it's the favorite photo :D. I was overwhelmed to know that I was chosen. Because if you see all of the photos, each of them are showing the dads and the children and you just can't describe what the photos show in perfect words. Especially regarding to the love that you feel when you see them. The photo below is the the photo of Papa and Bebe that was chosen by Teh Dey, Teh Nchie Hanie and Bli Budi as the favorite photo. And you can see all of the winners in thi  link . The first winner and the second winner photos were breathtaking!  If you want to see the complete pictures of all the participants, you can go here or you can see the slideshow on the video here. Anyway, after being blown away with the announce

Short Trip : Jalan-Jalan ke Taman Buah Mekarsari

Assalaamu'alaikum. Hi guys, it's been a week since my last post and I really miss blogging :D.  Now, I want to tell you  the story of our family of D11 when we went to Taman Buah Mekarsari last week. Before I begin, I think I have to tell you the background of the story of how we called ourselves a family. About two and a half years ago, my Hubby and I bought a house at Depok. The house was indent so we had to wait about a year to give the house a renovation with the design we wanted. We decided to rent a house for a year in a block nearby to live in while waiting for the developer got our house done and, in addition, to wait for our contractor to renovate the house. So, long story short, we rented a house at D11 block. I am very lucky to meet such people in my life. We're not just neighbors, we're friends. We do things together, such as going to islamic studies, eating out, barbecue and shopping :D. Now, even though I've moved to my new house, we still do

Inspirasi Hijab Outfit : Blueberry Dress Code

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you are all doing just fine :). This is just a quick post. Today I went to Hijabersmom Community (HMC) Depok event at Depok Town Center with my friend Mrs. Pipit. We were told that the dress code was blue. So both of us were wearing blue. I was wearing blue pants and blue scarf and she was wearing a light blue dress and soft purple balloon cardigan.  The funny thing is, my Hubby was wearing a grey t-shirt, and her Hubby was wearing a grey t-shirt too! Hahaha..  Ah, it's too bad we didn't take a picture together :(.  We didn't take any picture because of the reason I am about to tell you. At first, we were thinking to join the community and watch the talk show. Sadly, we came to the event and we were told that the seats were full. But we were offered to open a bank account at Bank BNI Syariah to get the official ATM card of HMC. We were ready to fill the opening account form when suddenly Mrs. Pipit said we didn't joi