Inspirasi Hijab Outfit : Blueberry Dress Code

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you are all doing just fine :).

This is just a quick post.

Today I went to Hijabersmom Community (HMC) Depok event at Depok Town Center with my friend Mrs. Pipit. We were told that the dress code was blue. So both of us were wearing blue. I was wearing blue pants and blue scarf and she was wearing a light blue dress and soft purple balloon cardigan. 

The funny thing is, my Hubby was wearing a grey t-shirt, and her Hubby was wearing a grey t-shirt too! Hahaha.. Ah, it's too bad we didn't take a picture together :(.  We didn't take any picture because of the reason I am about to tell you.

At first, we were thinking to join the community and watch the talk show. Sadly, we came to the event and we were told that the seats were full. But we were offered to open a bank account at Bank BNI Syariah to get the official ATM card of HMC. We were ready to fill the opening account form when suddenly Mrs. Pipit said we didn't join the event, so why would we open an account?

Yeah, she was right. So I said to the sales woman that we wouldn't open the account and Mrs. Pipit and I decided to leave. Hahaha... Today was really weird.

It was still 11 am so my Hubby and I decided to go to Senayan City. We went to a handphone center, got some coffee (we love coffee so much!), and bought some food for our short trip with our friends tomorrow.

This is me still wearing the blue dress code (blue pants, again! I'm sorry guys :P). Ah, and I'm sorry about the low lighting in these photos.

Cotton Shawl - New G
Shirt - et cetera

So how's your weekend? I hope you all have a very fun weekend guys :D.


Unknown mengatakan…
good looking mom ^^
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Thank you dear Fitri :)
Desy Yusnita mengatakan…
Hi Mba Mia...

Ajak-ajak dong kalo mau ikut acara ituh *ga ada temen
Btw aq baru ngeh loh kalo Biru electric itu bs OK dengan coklat, baiklah new inspiration..thanks
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Halo mba Dessy :D. Boleh dong kita rame2 biar seru. Terakhir dapet info dari Bu Pipit katanya ada tutorial hijab sabtu ini di TM Bookstore Detos, tapi ga jelas jam berapa dan Bu Pipit engga bisa ikut karena ke Bandung :(

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