Short Trip : Jalan-Jalan ke Taman Buah Mekarsari

Assalaamu'alaikum. Hi guys, it's been a week since my last post and I really miss blogging :D.  Now, I want to tell you the story of our family of D11 when we went to Taman Buah Mekarsari last week.

Before I begin, I think I have to tell you the background of the story of how we called ourselves a family. About two and a half years ago, my Hubby and I bought a house at Depok. The house was indent so we had to wait about a year to give the house a renovation with the design we wanted. We decided to rent a house for a year in a block nearby to live in while waiting for the developer got our house done and, in addition, to wait for our contractor to renovate the house.

So, long story short, we rented a house at D11 block. I am very lucky to meet such people in my life. We're not just neighbors, we're friends. We do things together, such as going to islamic studies, eating out, barbecue and shopping :D. Now, even though I've moved to my new house, we still do things together.

Last month, Mrs. Esty got us promo tickets to Taman Buah Mekarsari (Fruit Garden of Mekarsari) for 33 persons. Each of them including a free bottle of water and tickets to see the Pongo Show! My little family only paid IDR45,000 for the three of us. Yeay :D!   

We went there last week on Sunday, March the 10th. We set out at 7.30 am and arrived at about 8.30 am. Mekarsari was located at Cileungsi. It was a very vast garden of various fruits from all over Indonesia and the world. Wow! The air was so fresh and I love it when we rode buses all over the garden and being told about the fruits.

When we were just arrived :). Let me introduce you to the mommies.
Mba Rahmi, Mba Eka, Me, Mba Lia, Mba Vennie, Mba Wulan and Mba Monica. There's still Bu Esty but she's not in the picture.

Holding hands. Even cute little toddlers know what friendship means. Hahaha :D.

The big Family of D11. My hubby was not in the picture because he's the one who took it :). And there is Bu Esty, the woman with purple veil who's sitting beside me

Toddlers. I like them when they make silly faces :D.

The yummy food and beverage!
There were brownies, cakes, kroket, sosis solo, gorengan, nasi uduk, and many more :D

The Dads. Mr. Charles, Mr. Azwan, Mr. Dedi, Mr. Rahmat, My Hubby, and Mr. Budi.

It's not baywatch guys, It's Papa and Bebe when we were riding the dragon boat :P.

The last pose before we went home.

Inner Shirt : Tewink
Jumpsuit : et cetera


Keke Naima mengatakan…
kalo jalan2 rame2 gitu lebih seru, ya :)
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Hahaha... iya mba Myra. Apalagi kita konvoi di jalan dan harus ngejaga supaya ga terpisah :D.Yang paling enak sih makan-makannya. liburan murah meriah. hihihi
Ms. Kat mengatakan…
I love this post so much.. everyone smiles and laughs :D
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Iya rame-rame jadi seruu sekali mba Emy :D... it's like going on holiday with ur own family..

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