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Bebe's Weaning Diary (Part 2-end) : Cerita Menyapih Aira

Hello, it's been a while since I published the first part of this weaning diary. Hm.. My Hubby worked overtime for about 3 weeks now so I don't have too much time to write a long post.  So, here it is, the second part of my Bebe's weaning diary DAY 1: TAMAN MINI INDONESIA INDAH (TMII) On the first day, I brestfed my Bebe at 02.00 am. Then, she fell asleep again. I woke up very early that day because I needed to prepare some food. Baru kemarinnya dapet resep nasi goreng terasi dari temen kuliah saya, Angela Wika. Kayaknya kok enak gitu ya nasi goreng terasi pake ampela, ayam, kemiri, bawang, lada, ehm... enak lah pokoknya. Hehehe.... Makasih ya Wika resepnya :*. Bukan apa-apa, saya memang harus pastikan si Bebe cukup makan supaya lupa mimi dan tidak sakit karena pasti kecapaian. H ari pertama saya dan hubby memang berencana mengajaknya jalan-jalan naik kereta gantung di taman mini. Main sampai sore, lalu lanjut ke mall sampai malam. Tujuannya sih satu, su

A One Day Hijab Tutor : Jadi Tutor Hijab Sehari

Me in action, as one day hijab tutor :P. A few months ago, the Islamic studies in our neighborhood held a hijab class. Hijab class is where we can share and learn the new hijab style. I love this kind of event, because we learn how to wrap a hijab so we will be seen more attractive. We had three tutors that day and I was one of them. Some women who wear hijab think that wearing this kind of hijab can be troublesome. Especially young married women who have babies and toddlers (like many of us in our Islamic studies group). We have not much time to dress up and many times, we are in the condition when we need to carry our little children, breastfeed them, or take them to the bathroom at the mall :D. True, that some of the styles are complicated. But there are simple styles that are easy to be done and if you can make a neat finish, it will not be ruined by your little children easily.  I'm not very good in wrapping my hijab, but it really feels good to share :D. Oi

Inspirasi Hijab Outfit : Memadankan Warna Biru Elektrik

Are you one of the girls that decide or prepare their outfit in the morning or even the day before? or are you one of the girls who stand in front of their closet and then decide what to wear? Many times, I am the first kind. I love it when I decided what to wear in the morning so it doesn't take me too long to prepare myself because I need to prepare my daughter's outfit too.  But sometimes I wear the particular outfit in front of the mirror (that I've prepared in the morning), then I don't like me wearing it -_-'. In the end, I end up standing in front of my closet for a long time trying to figure out what to wear.  This was happened to me this morning. I prepared a skirt, a top and a veil. But then, I decided that I didn't like it. I changed the top, I didn't like it. I changed the top to another top, I still didn't like it.  This is what I called a mood killer. In this kind of situation, I usually go with my favorite stuffs. I r

Inspirasi Hijab Outfit : Going Maxi with Maxi Skirt

Hello everyone! How are you? Well,  I am now feeling a little excited about maxi skirt and maxi dress.  It was actually started when I followed KIVITZ blog a few months ago. But before I begin, I will tell you my feeling about this maxi skirt first. My friends used to call me a tomboy girl since I was in high school. I loved sneakers, shorts, t-shirt, short hair, and going everywhere cycling my bike. Even when I wore my first hijab on 2003 (I was a university student majoring Journalism), some of my friends still call me a tomboy. I think I loved being a tomboy because it was very practical and support my mobility very much.  Back then, my days as a Journalism student made me needed to go to many places. Many times, I needed to go to places I'd never been and went home by night.  I used public transportations very often so it was important for me to wear easy-to-wear clothes. I needed to be seen tomboy too, because I found out that in this way, I could prevent m