Senin, 20 Mei 2013

Peplum Inspiration for Kebaya

Hey Girls I want to share my outfit for an Event a few weeks ago. It's three posts in a row I posted about outfits. Hahaha.. 

The event called ACER Srikandi Blogger Award 2013. The awards that were given by Kumpulan Emak Blogger (KEB) for inspiring Blogger Moms. Very cool event, but I will tell you the stories later, okay?

So the dress code for the event is Kebaya, a traditional Indonesian women clothes made of brocades, or cotton or tulles, and usually have embroideries. Kebaya is usually combined with kain (a detached fabric, usually has batik pattern) or sarong. But some women now prefer to have their kain sewn like a a maxi skirt.

Well, the problem is, I didn't have any kebaya in my closet. So I hunted for kebaya just a few days before the event. And alhamdulillah, I found this top only one day before the event at MEIN designers shop, Kemang. It wasn't actually kebaya. It's a peplum top made from brocades fabric by deeandra. 

I wore the peplum top with my kain. So it really looked like kebaya. It has copper color with shades of gold. I kinda like it :). I googled how to wrap it and practice several times because I didn't want it to fall off :P. 

I like this top because (as I mentioned many times before) I have a large hip. The conventional kebaya makes my hip looks larger. This peplum top works for me because it's kinda hid my hip inside it :P. 

Glitter Shawl- Mocca
Peplum Top - deeandra
Shoes - Stefania Baldo

Well, thank God, it didn't fall off. I checked it several times in the toilet. Hahaha.. By the end of the day, I changed my heels to wedges, Kain to pants, and this top to a shirt. I had sore feet. I like wearing heels, I just don't like wearing it all day :P.

Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013

Inspirasi Warna Pastel : Memadankan Cokelat dan Peach

Do you have your own favorite tailor to make your clothes? Well, I have not. But I want to tell you that I do have a door to door tailor in my neighborhood (tukang jahit keliling). His name is Pak Karyo and he uses a modified motorbike. He has his own phone number written on his sewing machine that is placed on his motorbike seat. So, you can call or just simply send him text message to come by and do some make over on your clothes. What a convenience! I have asked him to do some makeover for my clothes and my hubby's: fixing torn shirts, changing broken zip, etc. 

Last week I asked him to makeover my pink pants. I bought this pink pants online and I only wore it a few times because I found out that I don't really like the cutting of it. The pants just didn't fit me, it's just not the way I want to wear it. 

A few months after, I always try to find pink pants that fits me well but never find one. Most pink pants in the stores are jegging (jeans-legging) or skinny jeans. My hubby doesn't like seeing me wearing skinny pants so I tried not to wear skinny pants anymore.

I desperately seeking the right pink pants when suddenly I remembered Pak Karyo. Well, I thought, "Why don't I ask him to do some makeover with the pants?" 

I took my favorite pants and told him to cut and sew the pink pants exactly like that. It was not a half an hour when he finished sewing, and I got a new pink pants that I love! :*

So this is my pink pants look like after makeover and I wear it with soft brown loose shirt. Soft Chocolate and Soft Pink are my another favorite color palette :).

Head Scarf - Elzatta
Shirt - et cetera
Pants - Queenova, make over by: Pak Karyo :D.

Sabtu, 11 Mei 2013

Family Photo : Review Maripro Depok


Ini kali pertamanya kami berfoto keluarga. Jadi rasanya pingin sekali mendapatkan hasil yang bagus. Di mana kami semua kelihatan bagus dan gambarnya pun terlihat minimalis tidak ramai.

Hello again. How are you? I'm a little bit ill these past few days. Well actually my daughter catch fever, then I got fever two days after, and then my hubby got that fever too on the next day. Phew, this week has been exhausting because everybody in the house is sick! 

I'm feeling better today, my daughter still has rashes because we didn't use the AC for three nights, and my hubby still has a stomachache. But well, overall, we got better now :).

So today I just stay at home. I was looking at my photo folders when I found this family photo I haven't post. 

After my Bebe was born, I used to ask my hubby for a family photo. But we were new in the neighborhood and we don't know where to take a good family photo pictures. Then, I found Mrs. Pipit's family photo on her wall in Facebook. It's good! I asked her who took the photos and the answer is Mari Pro Studio in Margonda Raya Depok. 

We went to Mari Pro Studio to took our first family photo. We're all wearing red and casual because we want to make it sporty, young and cheerful. And here are the result :D. 

Woohoo! Papa is flying! :D

My Bebe wasn't one year old. Look at her, she's so small and chubby :D.

This photo is the one Papa put in his office table :).

And this photo is the one that we have on the wall in our living room right now :).

How do you like it? Well I loooooove it! So if you're living in Depok, maybe you can try to take your photos in the MariPro studio too. I don't mean to advertise, I'm just a happy customer. Hehehe... :P

Happy weekend to you all!!

Rabu, 08 Mei 2013

Thought for The Day

Let's not talk about our skin, our weight, our prices. 
You can be beautiful, just being who you are. 
Even if you don't have any money or you're dumb. 
You must be good at something. 

Let the people talk. 
Because they will always talk. 
Don't be forced to show them, impulsively, that you are better than what they think. 
And don't be forced to say that they actually no better than you. 
There's no point of listening bad things about you. 
Especially when you promised yourself that you will not say bad things about them. 
Because you don't want to be one of them

When they say bad things about you, 
that actually shows their quality.

Don't let them drive you to please them. 
You'll be exhausted, they will never be pleased by you. 
Nothing they say defines who you are. 
It's you, yourself, define who you are.

- Mia Fauzia

It's been a long time since I write this kind of post. It's hard to be on your track: to do good, and at the same time, to feel good too about yourself  and what you're doing when some people out there think or say bad things about you. I find it hard to shut negative thoughts down. But I think I'm fed up with negative thoughts and willing to try something else. Hehehe...

Wherever you are, I hope you will always be good, do good, and feel good, Girls.

Cheers :).

Sabtu, 04 Mei 2013

Road to ASEAN Blogger Festival 2013

On April 20, 2013 I attended a one day Seminar that was a part of an event called ASEAN Blogger Festival. The main event will be held on May 12-15, 2013 in Solo. I was so excited to attend the event, because there would be Hermawan Kartajaya as one of the speaker. 

Back when I was a university student, I read his books and listen to his audio book. I listened to Trijaya FM just to hear some of his words. Hahaha.... He is the President of MarkPlus&Co, a management consultant company based in Asia. He's one of 50 Gurus Who have Shaped The Future of Marketing, write several books with Philip Kotler, and many other achievements.

I wasn't so into marketing studies. I studied communications and journalism, but I like his ideas of how to create the message and how to get the people react to it, in a positive way, in the way we wanted to. It was called product differentiations. 

ASEAN and Hermawan Kartajaya's Perspective

Years ago, before the social media era, the advertisements and publicity of media has the big role to create people's opinion about a product. But now, in the social media era, we believe our friends' recommendations more than we believe the ads.

"I like cruising," he said."When I look for recommendations, instead of  searching for travel advisors websites, I search for people's recommendations. So it's not a G to G (Government to Government) era, B to B (Business to Business) era. It's the P to P (People to People) era."

That's why, bloggers now are the actors and they have powers. Because it's not the 'one  to many' (mass media to people) communication era anymore. It's the 'many to many' communications era (many people to many people). The internet makes it possible for us to take decisions. 

Yeah, true. I am one of the girls that search for recommended clothes on the Internet.  Some bloggers have their credibility and trustworthiness in fashion that I believe their recommendations. Hehehe... :P. 

By the way, it's so nice to hear Hermawan mention that we, bloggers, have an important role. I mean, I know bloggers in some way have been the opinion leaders. But I didn't know that inside our posts talking about our favorite stuffs, day-to-day life, our opinions, we can have a particular message to spread the positivity. I'm talking about the positivity of our nations: the products, the cultures, the places, the people, even the politics, human rights and security issues.

It is important to always be positive bloggers, guys. We have to be careful of what we are posting too. Our opinions lead many other opinions after the readers read our blog and that matters!

Hermawan Kartajaya.

According to Hermawan, based on the MarkPlus survey, the new Indonesia and the new ASEAN are shaped by the Youth, Women, and Netizen (it used to be seniors, men, and citizen). And all have their particular anxieties and desires, urban lifestyles, and shopping behavior.

In marketing the business, first we need to know the anxieties and desires of the customers. "Anxieties and desires are something beyond the need and want. And you can find it easily in the social media because people talk in the social media," said he.

Youth are the professionals, first jobbers, college students and high school students. The survey shows that professionals are worried of failure in business. First jobbers are worried of being jobless, college and high school students are worried of academic failure. 

On the other hand, the women are more complicated. Women have concerns about health, family, finance, trustworthiness, and beauty. Yeah, I notice the last word about beauty and now cosmetics have the market divided to the age of 20+, 30+, 40+ and 50+. Hahaha... Every woman need to feel beautiful and good about themselves.

Another concerns of women are their environment, career, safety, and zero friends. Moreover, they have desires to be well-being, optimistic, multitasking, entrepreneur and be a networker.

A woman always need friends to talk to and trust is very important to them. Women hate being told lies and I think every one of us knows that :D. I think that's why, we bloggers, have to communicate the informations based on the truth. 

Last but not least, there is netizen. Netizen is the citizen who use the internet. Often described as people who is smarter in spending their money because they like to compare one product to another and have good bargaining skills.

Indonesia Towards The ASEAN Community 2015: The Challenges, Opportunities and The Role of Social Media

On 31 December of 2015 the ASEAN Community will be founded. The ASEAN community means that ASEAN countries will be united in order to accelerate their improvement in economy, politics, and social cultures.

There are some concerns of the ASEAN people about the ASEAN Community, especially the entrepreneurs. "Does our  economy strong enough to face the other countries' products invasions?" "Do we strong enough to get our products to be exported to other countries?" "How about the regulations? Will it be new regulations to make it easier?"

There are so many challenges to face. But there so many opportunities too. This is why The Ministry of Foreign Affairs prepare the ASEAN Blogger Festival. The event will gather bloggers all over ASEAN countries, and they hope these bloggers will communicate the ASEAN Community ideas to ASEAN people and get the people to prepare themselves for December 31, 2015. 

So now it's our time to spread the positivity of our countries. Spread the news and seek for opportunities we can find when ASEAN Community officially started.

The speakers shake hands to each other.
In the picture, there are Amril Taufik Gobel of ASEAN blogger community,
Hermawan Kartajaya as marketing expert,
Dirjen ASEAN I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja,
David Carden US Ambassador for ASEAN.

This is funny. David Carden gave his informal speech by sitting at the edge of the stage and Hermawan Kartajaya (and other bloggers too actually) took the pictures of him :D.

It's funny how blogging can get me to meet Hermawan Kartajaya in person :).

Hermawan Kartajaya and Kumpulan Emak-Emak Blogger (KEB)

My new friends: Bonit, Ayu Citra, Jade Ayu, Yeye, Yeni, and me.

Kamis, 02 Mei 2013

My Sister in Law Got Engaged

Assalaamualaikum. Hi, girls! I can't believe it's may already and last month I only made 4 posts :P.

Okay, so now I'm going to share the photos of my sister in law engagement on March 23, 2013. You may recognize her from a post I made a few months ago. Back then, I told you that she's available. Well now, she's engaged! Hehehe... 

Okay here are the photos;

Yuniar's OOTD: Purple, her favorite color :).

Opa and Bebe :)

Nervous and excited, I think.

And here are the relieves expressions of my sister in law and my mother in law :D.

They're engaged!

Me and my beloved hubby :P.

Congratulations, ya Neng! Now we're all looking forward for the marriage ceremony around the end of this year :).

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