Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Sister in Law Got Engaged

Assalaamualaikum. Hi, girls! I can't believe it's may already and last month I only made 4 posts :P.

Okay, so now I'm going to share the photos of my sister in law engagement on March 23, 2013. You may recognize her from a post I made a few months ago. Back then, I told you that she's available. Well now, she's engaged! Hehehe... 

Okay here are the photos;

Yuniar's OOTD: Purple, her favorite color :).

Opa and Bebe :)

Nervous and excited, I think.

And here are the relieves expressions of my sister in law and my mother in law :D.

They're engaged!

Me and my beloved hubby :P.

Congratulations, ya Neng! Now we're all looking forward for the marriage ceremony around the end of this year :).


  1. woooow, cantik dan ganteng hehehehe

  2. yang lamaran keliatan malu2 gitu ya.
    Beda banget ama foto paling bawah :D

    1. Hihihi... #malumalu... teh dey aku juga lamaran mah malu-malu kok :P

  3. Wow Purple in Love,hope will happily ever after

  4. congraaats for your sister in law kak XD
    she's sooo beautiful :D


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