Thought for The Day

Let's not talk about our skin, our weight, our prices. 
You can be beautiful, just being who you are. 
Even if you don't have any money or you're dumb. 
You must be good at something. 

Let the people talk. 
Because they will always talk. 
Don't be forced to show them, impulsively, that you are better than what they think. 
And don't be forced to say that they actually no better than you. 
There's no point of listening bad things about you. 
Especially when you promised yourself that you will not say bad things about them. 
Because you don't want to be one of them

When they say bad things about you, 
that actually shows their quality.

Don't let them drive you to please them. 
You'll be exhausted, they will never be pleased by you. 
Nothing they say defines who you are. 
It's you, yourself, define who you are.

- Mia Fauzia

It's been a long time since I write this kind of post. It's hard to be on your track: to do good, and at the same time, to feel good too about yourself  and what you're doing when some people out there think or say bad things about you. I find it hard to shut negative thoughts down. But I think I'm fed up with negative thoughts and willing to try something else. Hehehe...

Wherever you are, I hope you will always be good, do good, and feel good, Girls.

Cheers :).


Yulia Rahmawati mengatakan…
love the tagline mbak, be do and feel good :)
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Hehehe... I love that line too Yulia :D
Unknown mengatakan…
lakukan apa yang mau kita lakukan, peduli apa orang berbicara apa, karena kita ya kita bukan orang lain. Hidup itu sederhana, namun kita sendiri yang membuatnya menjadi rumit :)
Unknown mengatakan…
much inspiring ;)
Ms. Kat mengatakan…
well, sometimes I can't control myself to not talking bad things about others hehe tapi abis itu istighfar :D
Desy Yusnita mengatakan…
"be good, do good, and feel good"

I like that positif ya bu...Thanks for reminding
Unknown mengatakan…
" I find it hard to shut negative thoughts down. But I think I'm fed up with negative thoughts and willing to try something else..." semacam nyobain eskrim rasa labu gitu?xixixi...

suka deh postingan yg ini..nicely said:D
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
iya betul! :)
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
thx All :))
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Hahaha.. i do too sometimes mba. Tapi di rumah or dalem hati aja :P
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
I do like that part too mba Dessy :D
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Hahaha... emang ada ya rasa labu Si? boleh juga ituh kayaknya apalagi bentar lagi bulan puasa nya :P

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