Menampilkan postingan dari Juni, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

Salaam,  Hi guys, how are you? It's been a while since the last time I told you my laptop had something that's called the Kernell Panic. Well, good news, my Hubby fixed it! Yeaay! Alhamdulillah... it's just weird to live a couple of weeks without it.  Okay, so I told you in my last post that I had an early birthday gift from my Hubby (again, thank you, Hubby!) I got that tablet earlier before we went to Bandung that very night.  My gift, still unwrapped. So I spent the whole week staying at our house in Cimahi because my sister had  the SBMPTN test in Bandung and I had to accompany her. It was Friday afternoon and I've just had my Ashar prayer when I got out of my bedroom, and there it was. My parents in law holding a birthday cake for me. Hehehe... happy birthday to me :). Look at my Bebe, I think she wants to blow the candle too :D. It turned out that it was my Mom and My Sister who had the idea of surprising me with the cake. Then, my si

Early Birthday Gift

Got an early birthday gift from my hubby. It's a Samsung Galaxy Note 8" Wonder :D. He said it's the first thing he thought of for his blogger wife's birthday. Hihihi :p. Thank you hubby.... luv you so much :3.

Bebe's Recent Languages

Hi guys, apakabar? Postingan ini mau saya tulis dalam bahasa Indonesia aja. Begini, beberapa hari lalu saya lagi nerjemahin sesuatu, lalu tiba-tiba laptop mati. Cari-cari di internet, ternyata si laptop saya ini kena sesuatu yang disebut kernel panic . Jadi tiap nyala selalu disuruh restart, tapi kalo udah di restart tetep aja dia nyuruh restart lagi  -_-'. Ada yang bisa bantu? Nah, akhirnya saya nulis blog lewat mobile dulu aja. Tapi means ga bisa editing foto. huhuhu.. sedih :'(... Ah yasutralah, sementara saya tulis aja apa yang pengen saya tulis yah. Kali ini saya mau cerita tentang si Bebe. Bebe sudah 2 tahun 4 bulan sekarang. Tingkah dan ucapannya sudah jauh berbeda. Beyond my imaginationlah pokoknya. Dari sejak si bebe bisa duduk sendiri, saya memang sering setel channel baby tv dan cbeebies. Maklumlah, namanya di perumahan, anak jadi ga berinteraksi sama sebayanya setiap hari. Berinteraksinya mungkin cuma 1-3 kali ketemu seminggu. Saya juga termasuk yang oke-oke sa

Being A Mom

Anak kecil seringkali nggak tahu kalau yang diinginkan emaknya cuma istirahat, menyalakan AC, lalu tidur siang atau sekadar membaca buku. Tapi kalau (akhirnya!) si bebe sudah tidur, ternyata emaknya lupa rasa capek. Malah anteng ngeliatin anaknya yang lagi tidur :p. Many times, a little toddler doesn't know that what Mom wants is only to turn on the air conditioner, then take a quick nap or read some good books. But when bebe is asleep (finally!), Mom usually forgets her weariness and enjoy watching the little one's sleeping :p. - Mia Fauzia


As I promised you before, I want to share the news from the event called ACER Srikandi Blogger Award 2013. This is a very late post actually, and I'm so sorry for that. There are so many photos that I was so confused which of them to be edited and posted here in my blog. This event was held on April 28, 2013 at Kemdiknas Building, Jakarta. It was created by Kumpulan Emak-Emak Blogger (KEB), a community for blogger moms and was dedicated to inspiring blogger moms who have touched and inspire the other blogger moms to be more creative, to write, to start a business, and so on. There was an opening act, a monologue from Mak Wylvera Windayana, A monologue by Mak Wylvera Windayana. Mba Astrid from ACER Indonesia The Srikandi Blogger Award Comittee (Mak Panitia). Mak Mira Sahid, potong tumpeng. After lunch, we had a fashion show from the kids wearing Mak Waya Komala apparel collections. The kids were so cute :)). It was fun and they play the music "K

Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair (IIFF) 2013

Assalaamualaikum, How's your weekend girls :)? Well, I went to Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair 2013 at JCC Senayan yesterday and it was cool! There were traffic jams everywhere yesterday around Mampang, Gatot Subroto, and the police closed the access to the gates of Senayan from Jl. Gatot Subroto. It's pretty exhausting just to get to the venue. After two hours of traffic jam, alhamdulillah I was arrived at last :D  The first great things about this event is, there are many shows at the mainstage and you can see it free and don't have to register to see it. The mainstage was closed for men too so you don't have to be worry when you have to struggle with the standing audiences just to take good pictures :P. There were hijab tutorials and fashion show from Elzatta Hijab at the main stage when I got in.  The "before" and the "after". By the way, do you recognize familiar faces? Yes, they are Citra Kirana and Dina Lorenza :D.