Tuesday, 4 June 2013


As I promised you before, I want to share the news from the event called ACER Srikandi Blogger Award 2013. This is a very late post actually, and I'm so sorry for that. There are so many photos that I was so confused which of them to be edited and posted here in my blog.

This event was held on April 28, 2013 at Kemdiknas Building, Jakarta. It was created by Kumpulan Emak-Emak Blogger (KEB), a community for blogger moms and was dedicated to inspiring blogger moms who have touched and inspire the other blogger moms to be more creative, to write, to start a business, and so on.

There was an opening act, a monologue from Mak Wylvera Windayana,
A monologue by Mak Wylvera Windayana.
Mba Astrid from ACER Indonesia

The Srikandi Blogger Award Comittee (Mak Panitia).

Mak Mira Sahid, potong tumpeng.

After lunch, we had a fashion show from the kids wearing Mak Waya Komala apparel collections. The kids were so cute :)). It was fun and they play the music "Kumpul Bocah" by Vina Panduwinata as the kids were walking on the catwalk.

The Kids Fashion Show

A little girl just scared to walk on the catwalk with the others that Mak Indah had to walk with her :D.
So cute.. :)

After the kids fashion show, here comes the fashion show from blogger moms wearing the Azza Hijab collections. Here they are,

Took a pose at the stage

One of my blogger friends who was one of the model that day, Mak Dyah Pitaloka.
I'm so sorry I didn't post all the models here. Some photos were too blurred because it was lack of lights and because the models were moving.

There were 10 finalists of blogger moms to be chosen, but it turned out there were special categories. Here they are,

Mak Yati Rachmat won the ACER Srikandi Blogger Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mak Haya Aliya Zaki, as the ACER Srikandi Inspiratif (Inspiring Blogger).

The Winners:
1. Mak Anazkia as ACER Srikandi Favorit
2. Mak Alaika Abdullah as ACER Srikandi Blogger 2013
3. Mak Myra Anastasia as ACER Srikandi Persahabatan. 

The finalists, the winners, the comittee and ACER.

Mak Cucuthnya Echa won the best costume and she got a fridge!
I love what she wore that day, she's pregnant but she's so cool :D.

Me with Teh Dey, Teh Nchie Hanie, and Mak Cucuthnya Echa.
Teh Nchie is one of the finalists :).

With Mak Myra Anastasia, Srikandi Blogger Persahabatan :).

With Mba Dessy :).
Congratulations for all of the winners :). I'm just proud to be one of the emak in KEB. How the emak-emak (moms) is inspiring to each other and how it always creates such a positive energy for me. And above all, I got many friends! :D


  1. hahahahaha foto kita manaaaaa makkk :p

    1. Maak foto kite ngeblurr *hiks hiks* maap yah :(

  2. mak mirip banget ama mak dessy :D

    1. Iya ya mak, waktu liat poto ini ko mirip pake pasmina sifon n sama2 pake kacamata :D

  3. kayanya seruu..mau donk ikutan event selanjutnya biar kopdaran :D

    1. Ayo maaak... kalo ada even ikutan biar kita kumpul rame2 :D

  4. Replies
    1. Hahaha... ini telat banget Mba fit. Yang lain-lain pada ikutan lomba saya malah bingung nulisnya :P

  5. hihihihi peragawati ciliknya ngeper kali pas tau mo difotoin Mi...hehehhehe

    1. Qiqiqi... iya kali mba Sari demam panggung.. untuk ada mak Indah :))

  6. Waaah keren ka acaranya..
    Seandainya di Banjarmasin aktif banget para bloggernya, yang aktif ini malah blogger iklan gitu.
    Ada anak yang nangis pas fashion show, jadi ingat pas acara kartini ada fashion show Gramedia juga ada anak yang nangis.
    Mak Cucuthnya Echa kostumnya gokil XD
    sayang wajah Bebe gak kelihatan ka hihi

    1. Iya begitulah kalo anak-anak yah. lucu tapi pas nangisnya juga seruuu... qiqiqi.. iya gokil banget Yu, padahal mak Echa itu lagi hamil gede loh :))

  7. postingnya telat ya hehehe gak didaftarin kontes menulisnya

  8. good program to a good mom ^^
    very cool


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