Thursday, 13 June 2013

Beautiful You

Watch "Dove Real Beauty Sketches" on YouTube

A few days ago I saw a news on the Internet about this Dove campaign, but I never saw it in videos. I haven't seen it on tv too. Probably because my tv stay tuned on baby tv all day :).

This video just stunned me. I mean, we're women. Women always want to feel good about themselves. Many times, we focused on which part of us that needs to be fixed. And sometimes, we only hear bad things about us more than we hear the good things.

But this is such an anspiring ad. We, women, should've been focused more on what we have and what we are grateful of. Apparently, some people notice the goodness in us. Maybe it's our eyes, our skin or  our not very beautiful but happy face :)).

I know feeling beautiful is not the only key to happiness. But surely, feeling beautiful can make us happier inside. And maybe that feeling is as close as the heart and and the mind.

So are you feeling beautiful already?

Cheers :).


  1. I feeling my face is beauty xixixi

  2. Feeling beauty kalau muka pas gak berminyak mia..he he he

  3. I'm not feeling beautiful kak ^^
    but I love the phrase "we should've been focused more on what we have and what we are grateful of."

    btw kak, giveawaynya diperpanjang sampe 20 Juni XDD
    ayo kak masih ada kesempatan hihi

    visit my little cream button♥ instagram♥ | bloglovin♥

    1. I love that phrase too ayu ^^... Notebooknya masih belum bisa nyala Ayu :( but I hope I can manage to make it

  4. The ads is amazing. I was stunned and realized that women generally focusing on what is lacking on their face or figure. To look perfect is a good thing, but to feel great is form of self satisfaction which is eventually more important to live our life happily.

  5. True mama obito. It's good to see ourselves positively, and I like that last sentence that you wrote. Feeling great is a form of satisfaction indeed :)


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