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Main-Main di Bobo Fair

When I went to Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week 2013 on Sunday at JCC Senayan, my Hubby and daughter go along with me. There was Bobo Fair event held at the same venue so Mama could see the fashion show and Bebe had fun at Bobo fair with Papa. There are bazaar, playgrounds, and musical show of Oki and Nirmala, two of the characters we know from Bobo kids magazine. There were many characters we know at Bobo fair, it's just too bad that Bebe loved to see them but too scared to go near and took some pictures with them. But she loves the big puzzle game ad the ballet-dancing birds in the Oki and Nirmala Musical. Mama recorded it on video and she watches it over and over again :D. Bebe was at Bobo Fair with Papa most of the time, and Papa said they had fun though she asked where I was most of the time. Thank you Hubby for being such a wonderful husband and father :3. Here are some photos we took at the Bobo Fair,  Papa and Bebe wearing the press and photographer na

From Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week 2013 (Part 2): Mix and Match Outfit for Work

Assalaamualaikum, Hello! Today I want to share the second part of stories from JIFW 2013. I attended a talk show about how to mix and match your outfit for work, especially for women wearing hijab. The talk show was hosted by Evelyn, the Fashion Editor of CHIC magazine. The guests are Aju Isni Karim of Trimoda Up2Date and Fetik, the designer of Fattibile, a brand specialized on working apparel under Trimoda Up2Date management. Fetik of Fattibile, Ayu Isni Karim of Trimoda Up2Date, and Evelyn of CHIC Magazine. According to Fetik, there are 5 must-have items for working women with hijab. They are shirt, jacket, coat, long coat, and skirt. These items can be combined with each other depending on the occasion and the working environment that you are working in.  Fetik show us how to mix and match the outfit for working women with hijab. How to mix and match your outfit. The first picture is the basic long shirt and pants. You can wear them if you're workin

From Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week 2013 (Part 1): The Wonderful Traditional Prints!

Assalaamualaikum,  Hi guys, how are you doing? Well, yesterday I went to Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week (JIFW) 2013.  I watched a fashion show and attended a talk show, but I think I will share them in two posts - thanks to Kumpulan Emak-Emak Blogger (KEB) I had a press and photographer access :D. So now,  let's focus on the first part: the fashion show! :D The fashion show was brought by three designers: Susie Hedijanto, Syahreza Muslim, and Rumah Ayu (featuring Kami Idea and fitRosa). The designers presented their collections to welcome the month of Ramadhan and  the Eid al-Fitr day and each shows how wonderful the Indonesian traditional prints and fabrics are.  Susie Hedijanto Susie Hedijanto's collections was entitled: The Nature of Celebes. The collections itself was inspired by the Makassar's traditional print, and you can see those beautiful prints were mixed in colourful natural pallets: gold with bright green, yellow with green, pink with green, red w