From Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week 2013 (Part 1): The Wonderful Traditional Prints!

Hi guys, how are you doing? Well, yesterday I went to Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week (JIFW) 2013. I watched a fashion show and attended a talk show, but I think I will share them in two posts - thanks to Kumpulan Emak-Emak Blogger (KEB) I had a press and photographer access :D. So now,  let's focus on the first part: the fashion show! :D

The fashion show was brought by three designers: Susie Hedijanto, Syahreza Muslim, and Rumah Ayu (featuring Kami Idea and fitRosa). The designers presented their collections to welcome the month of Ramadhan and the Eid al-Fitr day and each shows how wonderful the Indonesian traditional prints and fabrics are. 

Susie Hedijanto

Susie Hedijanto's collections was entitled: The Nature of Celebes. The collections itself was inspired by the Makassar's traditional print, and you can see those beautiful prints were mixed in colourful natural pallets: gold with bright green, yellow with green, pink with green, red with green and brown, orange and blue too. Most of the pieces are traditional kebayas, long dresses and veils.

One of my favorite shots along the fashion show :).

Four of sixteen outfits shown in Nature of Celebes.

Susie Hedijanto.

Syahreza Muslim

Syahreza Muslim's collections was entitled: The Magnificence of Sasirangan. Sasirangan is a traditional fabric from South Kalimantan and it is a big theme of the collections.

Well, those bright solid colors of the fabrics are magnificent indeed. I mean, I'm not a big fan of prints, especially not the colorful one. Most of my clothes are in basic, soft, colors. But I think those outfits really good when they are put together. And I like the draperies in many of the pieces too.

The Magnificence of Sasirangan.
Look at those bright playful prints!

Rumah Ayu (featuring Kami Idea and fitRosa)

Rumah Ayu presenting fashion show from two labels of its tenants: Kami Idea and fitRosa.

The designers of Kami Idea and fitRosa, in the press conference before the fashion show.

Kami Idea presented the collections entitled Hourglass Epilogue to represent the Eid al-Fitri as the day when all of us become pure again. These ready-to-wear pieces had batik as accents because the designers want them to use batik but in a fun-modern way. We can see the ethnic accents but suitable for everyday wear because they have modern and edgy cuts.

The Hourglass Epilogue by Kami Idea

From the same fashion house, fitRosa brought us the INTRO collections. There are the touches of brocades and in many colors of broken white and navy blue. We can see romantic flares in its pieces of flare pants, tunics, vests and skirts.

INTRO by fitRosa.

Well, the fashion show is like opened my eyes about the traditional prints we have beside batik. The patterns we have are wonderful and the colors are rich. Those are the ideas for you (and me) for the Eid day, girls. How do you like it?

Before I went home that day I snap something at the venue. Here it is,
Collections by Ria Miranda and Dian Pelangi.

Meeting up with Mak Ani Berta.

And with Yeye too.

Scarf - DP BY Dian
Blazer - adeetya by blowpop
Jeans - Shafira

So that's the news I have from JIFW 2013, guys! More stories to come but I will share it in the next post. Stay tune, yah! :) 



Unknown mengatakan…
keren yah reportasenya mak :D
Yeye mengatakan…
keren mak.. :D
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Makasih mak Giarti, dirimu juga reportasenya keren :D
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Tengkyu Yeye, sayang dirimu lagi sakit yah... untung sempat narsis dulu #teuteupyah :P
Ms. Kat mengatakan…
kereeeeeen.... foto2nya apalagi, mantab deh pokoknya. :D
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Tengkyu mba. Yaah sayang mba Emi udah pulang ke Balikpapan ya. Kl ada bisa ikutaan
Unknown mengatakan…
Wiiih.... keren mia.sayang ya, kmrn ga bisa ke sana
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Aku juga baru sempat pas hari terakhir bu El. Pingin ke Bobo Fair juga soalnya
Fitri3boys mengatakan…
waw..keren liputannya.
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Makasih mba Fitri :)
Meisza Adilla Herssy mengatakan…
Ka Miaaa envy... Aaaa seneng designer yang kedua ngangkat soal sasirangan , yes it's traditional fabric from South Kalimantan. Iya Banjarmasin ka Mia, kampung halaman echa <3 Warnanya emang ngejreng-ngjreng gitu ka Mia.. But i really proud of my traditional fabric.
Karina Dinda R. mengatakan…
Nice post dear! Love it ^^~ Mind to follow each other?

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Karina Dinda R. ♥
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Oo echa di Banjarmasin ya? Waa keren bgt ya kain2nya ngejreng tapi baguuus :D
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Thank you Karina :)
Pitaloka mengatakan…
postingannya kereen...apalagi foto-fotonya...jempol deh...
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Iyaaa.. aku juga suka banget. Jarang dapet momen2 bagus begini dan dapet spot fotografer pula. Huhuhu
Ani Berta mengatakan…
Reportase dan fotonya sangat Ciamik :D

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