From Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week 2013 (Part 2): Mix and Match Outfit for Work

Hello! Today I want to share the second part of stories from JIFW 2013. I attended a talk show about how to mix and match your outfit for work, especially for women wearing hijab.

The talk show was hosted by Evelyn, the Fashion Editor of CHIC magazine. The guests are Aju Isni Karim of Trimoda Up2Date and Fetik, the designer of Fattibile, a brand specialized on working apparel under Trimoda Up2Date management.

Fetik of Fattibile, Ayu Isni Karim of Trimoda Up2Date, and Evelyn of CHIC Magazine.

According to Fetik, there are 5 must-have items for working women with hijab. They are shirt, jacket, coat, long coat, and skirt. These items can be combined with each other depending on the occasion and the working environment that you are working in. Fetik show us how to mix and match the outfit for working women with hijab.

How to mix and match your outfit.
The first picture is the basic long shirt and pants. You can wear them if you're working at the office. If you need a more stylish look to see the clients, you can add a long vest. This long vest actually have a drapery on the back but I didn't show the photo here. And if you need to go travelling while working, you can try on the third way: add a long coat. On the third picture you can also see the simple hijab worn by the model. Just tie your veil, make a circle with it and tuck it to the back of your neck.

Here are the ideas for you (and me, of course) to mix and match our outfits. It's pretty simple isn't it?

Isni said that basically, we can wear any kind of colors and items, but we have to adapt it with the company. "Can we wear green to work? Yes, definitely. But some companies are so formal and they want the workers to dress up formally like bankers. So, maybe you need to pick olive green. But if you're working in a more creative companies, maybe you can wear banana leaf green."

Not only the mix and match of outfits that I recorded that day, but I note some words of Isni. Isni said that Indonesia is a country with the largest muslim community in the world. Currently we have the eyes of the world on us because we have the hijab fashion trends that is so happening right now in our country. And the muslim women absorb these trends so fast and make the business continue growing.

When she started Up2Date, she has two friends go along. Isni with the media background, Tia with business background, and Irna with designer background. Because of the various backgrounds of the founders, their path in finding the market  was so much  easier.  

Isni adores the bloggers who shared their taste in fashion to their readers and getting feedback from them. "Thse bloggers are creating the market, and if they are willing to start a fashion business, they already have the market," she said. Hey that's a good news for you, bloggers! :D

Well, that's the second part of the news I have from Jakarta Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 guys. I'll see you in the next post yah :).


Ayu mengatakan…
ah, dikantor uda pake seragam, jadi uda gak bisa nge-mix hehehhe
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Ada enaknya juga ya Yu jadi ga perlu mikir make baju apa.hehehe

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