Bloggers Meeting Up!

Hi Girls, how's your weekend? I had a fun week with friends. It's Monday already and I have many stories and photos to post! Hehehe... but I'll post it one at a time.

So last Wednesday I met up with three blogger friends at CITOS. I just love when bloggers meeting up. I met Yeye, Ayu, and Bu Pipit. Bu Pipit is actually lives at the same neighbourhood with me and we went to the same Islamic studies so I meet her every week at the very least. She was the one that I know Kumpulan Emak-Emak Blogger (KEB) from and we sometimes hang out together. 

I met Yeye and Ayu at the Road to ASEAN Blogger Festival 2013 at the Indonesia Foreign Affairs Ministry a few months ago. We have nearly the same age and we are all new moms.

It's funny when we were meeting up because we're all have little kiddos. We shared stories about parenting, blogging, instagrramming, and not to forget the diet. Hahaha... 

From left to right:
Yeye, Ayu, Me, Bu Pipit (in front of the aquarium. Our kiddos love the big fishes and lobsters in it :D).
These pictures were taken by Yeye's phone and they are courtesy of

That day, Yeye shared how to make infused water from fruits that is soaked into water in a jar, exercising and healthy eating. Yeah she inspired me to eat more fruits and drink lemon water. I've read the healthy food combining thing for years ago but didn't do it. But then I saw Yeye and many friends in instagram starting to eat well. And with people around me promoting healthy life, I just can't help to start looking at myself.

On the other hand, one of my friend's husbands died a few days ago and I think it woke me up. And that questions remains, asking me, "What if die? What if I got sick?" 

Now I'm feeling that I want to be in a better health for my daughter. I mean, I know people dies when their time comes. But I'd like to keep myself healthy to be able to always be there for my kids. 

So it's been four days now I eat a bunch of fruits and a glass of lemon water (a slice of lemon soaked in the glass of water) for breakfast. Still cannot do it many times a day but I hope it gets better. I'm trying to avoid unhealthy food or lessen it. Thanks Yeye for the inspirations :*.

It's fun to have new friends. Seruuu! Let's meet up again girls! :D



Yeye mengatakan…
sama2 Darlinggggg :*
Santi Dewi mengatakan…
hehehe... serunya, emak2nya pada gendong anak :)
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Hahaha... trimikisi yeye ;p
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Iya mba, maklum yah buibu. Yang penting semangat tetep muda yah. Hahaha

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