Hi guys, how are you? It's 3.21 am now and I've been awake from 1 am to import some pictures and edit them. Hmm...I've been busy these last two months, and I miss blogging. I miss taking pictures with my camera and I miss blogwalking too. I miss everything I love and instagram was pretty good but I love my camera more. So happy that I can still awake right now to enjoy blogging. Because I usually fell asleep so easily. Hehehe..

Anyway, how was your Ramadhan? This year, Ramadhan felt different for me. I felt like I'm enjoying it and feel more peaceful. I hope I can make it through the next Ramadhan. And I hope I can keep the peaceful feeling from now on.

So, last Ramadhan we had an Iftar in our neighborhood. We always love iftar with our friends, don't we? We had an open tent set up near the kids playground and so we enjoy the air outdoor. We set our Maghrib prayer together in jamaah too and had a session about Ramadhan topics. I captured some moments during the event :). Here they are,



Left: it's not harmful to be narcissistic :D
Right: Mrs. Rusiah while setting up the food.

Happy faces :).

Mrs. Wiwik and the cute Osi :).

More narcissism :D.

Mrs. Tami and Mrs. Widya and Livia

Eyes to the camera please :D. 

Do you recognize these faces?

Mrs. Widya and daughter with Mrs. Indri with son :)

It's always fun to spend time with friends :).


Lidya Fitrian mengatakan…
Allhamdulillah acaranya sukses ya Mia, merekapun senang
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Alhamdulillah... :). Seneng ya mba kalo udah kumpul bareng rame-rame

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