Driving with Toddler : Bagaimana Mengemudi Saat Si Kecil Tantrum

It's been a pretty long time since I was thinking of writing this post. Well, finally I'm doing it. I've been driving my own car since February 2013. I have driving license since 2007 but I didn't have any guts to drive on the main streets. My parents encouraged me to learn to drive since I was in Junior High School, when I was about 13 years old. It didn't worked out. On 2007 I took a driving lesson again (that's how I got my first driving license). My Mom said I'm the biggest daughter and so I needed to be able to drive. Well, I still had no guts. I just didn't have that guts without my instructor sitting next to me. I once drove a car with my father at a narrow street and I think I drove too slowly. The cars behind me keep honking and I was panic. I stopped the car in the middle of the street and begging my father to drive  -_-". It was stupid. Hahaha...

So my mother had an idea to have another instructor to teach me to drive, and this time, using our own car. After I finished my lesson, my father put me to the test. He sat next to me while I was driving. I was pretty good actually. I drove the car as far as 3 kilometers away from our house until, my review mirror hit a pedestrian. Luckily, I drove slowly and my father catch his hand so quickly that he didn't fall. After that incident, I never tried to drive again until early this year when we have our own car.

I asked my Hubby to buy an automatic transmission car than the manual transmission with three pedals. This time I was determined that by the month of May, I would be able to drive to busy streets because my sister was going to have the SPMB test by then and I'll need to be there for her. 

So, long story short, I finally find my way to be confident to drive to main streets. I was surprised myself because this time I drive with my Bebe and in a city much busier than Tasik. 

But of course, driving with a toddler can be troublesome. You need to have many tricks to keep them sitting calmly in their seat. We have to be careful too with the tricks, otherwise it will get worse. I remember when I caught in a traffic jam and she was bored. I handed her a 250 ml milk packed in cartoon with straw. She enjoyed it at first, but then she decided to play around with it and she squeezed the milk cartoon. The milk was just burst everywhere in the car and she kept saying, "Ma, It's wet. Aiya basah (Aira basah)." OMG I was just overwhelmed and I can't believe that she couldn't stop saying that she was wet. Maybe she felt uncomfortable with the wet clothes. Alhamdulillah I made it to get home safely.

Since then, I tried to have only water in the car. If she asked for another drink and play around I will stop a while to make sure that she don't do that. If she's eating something, like donut or bun, for example, I cut them into pieces before I give it. I usually give her the piece one by one, usually when I stop at the traffic light.

When she asked for ice cream, I give her ice cream in cups and I will stop any time she had enough ice cream or need to drink water. But she's so much smarter now. She can take and put her drink to the cup holder herself.

Another problem with my toddler was she sometimes got cranky when she's sleepy. I usually bring a pillow and put it next to her so she can lay her head on it. And I gave her my tablet so she can watch her favourite baby TV videos. It usually take 5-10 minutes for her to fell asleep when she's already sleepy.

Some events occurred beside those things while I'm driving. But the first thing I need to do is to keep concentrating even when she cried hardly and just stop a while when it got worse. I recalled the time when I went out to shop with my friends. My Bebe was sleepy and she got cranky. But she somehow feel uncomfortable to sleep and just want to be hugged by me. We were far away from our home and there was no other to drive. So then I hug my Bebe along the way while I drive with me and my Bebe, both wearing seatbelt and drive slowly. 

Above all, I think the most important thing to do while driving with toddler is to keep calm. There are always be surprises but keep concentrating is the best advice. And just stop a while when your toddler insist to have something to drink, to eat, or if she/he just want to take off her/his shoes. Safety is the most important thing when driving with toddlers.


Yeye mengatakan…
klo gw pergi sm Millie, dimobil gw udh siapin video anak2, mulai dr si komo smpe barney ada smua hahbaha jd dia anteng jg mak *Alhamdulillah*
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Waa millie pinter :). Aira dulu biasanya anteng dikasi boneka Bambamnya n video baby dr Oliver sampe hi5. Masuk usia 2tahun 3bulanan jadi agak bosenan n gasuka diem. Terutama pas perjalanan pulang yang agak lama. Jadi suka iseng anaknya. Hahaha..
Lidya Fitrian mengatakan…
pokoknya harus disiapkan peralatan tempur ya kalau nyupir bawa anak :)
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Hahaha.. iya mba Lidya :D

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