Sunday, 18 August 2013

Inspirasi Hijab Outfit : O Is for Orange

It's Sunday night already and it's a little hard to gain more spirit after such a long holiday. Well, wherever we are I hope you and I will have extra energy to start the week in a good spirit :). Aamiin..

This is my OOTD for today. I'm combining pale colours, pale grey and white, with the orange scarf. I found the scarf about three or four moths ago and in love with the colour. Ever since I bought it, it seems that I'm trying to mix the scarf with as many as colours that I have in my closet. Hahaha... Just a splash of orange made my face look brighter so instantly.

Scarf - KIVITZ
Mullet Top - Simply Mii
Pants - The Executive (old)
Wedges - GOSH



  1. Iya Mia, after long holiday kok maunya liburan terus tapi tetap punya uang ya he he he he

  2. Orange nya bagus tuh mak, rabu ksh tau yah beli dmn hahhaha

  3. salam kenal mbk mia...
    orange itu segerrrr ^^

  4. Hu um very hard,
    pengen liburan lagi~ tralalalalala~
    Cantik mbak, terlihat fresh pake orensss :D

  5. saya harap bisa tetap stylish dan punya waktu buat ngblog kalo udah berkeluarga , sprti kak Mia..
    Nice outfits..


    1. Hehe.. makasi Ririst chan, I'm sure you'll always look fabulous :)

  6. eh,kalo yg kayak gini tutorial hijabnya yg mana ya?


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