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Family Funtastic Day : Bermain-main di Jungle Land Sentul

Last Saturday we went to Jungle Land. It's a family gathering event of my Hubby's office and it was pretty fun.

We went off from home at about 7.30 am and got there at 8.30 am. FYI, Jungle Land is an amusement park that is located at Sentul Area, Bogor. I've never went there so I was pretty excited. 

Here are some photos we took there,

Random Things on Saturday

Hari Sabtu kemarin aneh banget karena dipenuhi random things alias ngga jelas. Hihihi... jadi yah, sabtu itu kita berangkat jam 06.45 pagi dari rumah karena mau servis di Nissan Warung Buncit. Tentang servis ini ntar mungkin gw tulis tapi nanti.
Pagi banget perginya? Iya soalnya pas punya mobil pertama udah pengalaman kalo dateng kesiangan ngantrinya lama banget dan suka mati gaya. Berhubung dikasih tau bukanya jam 08.00, yah kita perginya pagi deh karena Depok ke Warung Buncit kan rada lumayan jaraknya.
Jam 07.50 an kita udah sampai di Nissan. Abis tu... nunggu. Lumayan dapat antrian ke dua. Padahal masih belom jam 8 ya tetep dapet antrian ke dua. Sambil nunggu nemenin si Bebe main di playground yang disediain sambil internetan *teuteup yah :p*.
Akhirnya sekitar setengah jam kemudian kita di layanin sama mas-masnya. Sambil nunggu Papa keliling-keliling keluar dan ternyata ada compliment drinks milo anget, chocolate latte, lontong isi pedes, sama kue basah lain. Seneng juga karena pengal…

Considering Instant Hijab : Pilih-Pilih Hijab Instan

Do you wear instant hijab? Well I do. I used to wear bergo (instant hijab with short visor) when I didn't have time to wrap my hijab. But then I found this instant hijab about 7 months ago and I really love it. 
I know wrapping hijab can be troublesome for some people; mothers with little baby or little kids, journalist (like one of my best friend), or when we want to do some sports or exercise. Some people (like me) just love how something can be simplify. We all love the idea that we can be ready to go (and look good too) in just a few minutes, don't we?
For casual wear, I only need to put on jeans, a simple shirt,  the instant hijab and put on a simple headband. Since I wear hijab everyday, instant hijab  just makes my life easier. Hehehe...

Beside my simple cotton instant hijab for casual wear, there are some other styles of instant hijab (the glamour, formal, or playful pattern) that can be worn to many occasions. 

I looked on the Internet and I found these fabulous hijabs on…

My Sister in Law's Wedding Day

As I told you before, my sister in law got married on Thursday (akad ceremony) and we held the party on Saturday. 
The akad ceremony was held in my parents in law's house. They were only close friends and family were invited. There are hundreds of pictures in the camera, but I will only publish a few. Here they are,

We celebrate the reunion of the couple in a party we held on Saturday. These are some pictures of it. There are hundreds of picture too but I only pick some because there are just too many photos and I haven't got time to edit them all. And they had wedding photographer anyway :p.

So sorry that some pictures are in bad quality. Some are under exposure and some other were blurred :(. 
But it's okay. Karena ada wedding photographer dan bisa minta file hasil foto dari mereka. Hihihi... 
Buat Anwar dan Yuni, semoga pernikahannya barokah ya. Semoga kalian selalu rukun, langgeng dan bahagia ya. Aamiin..

Missing Papap and Mamah

I was importing the pictures of my sister in law's wedding day in my camera to the laptop when I see these images. I miss Papap and Mamah. I met them last Saturday but only for a few hours. I miss sharing funny stories and silly jokes. Sometimes I have that thought, you know, if only they live near here, and not out of town. 

Can't wait for the Eid al-Adha holiday so I can meet them :).

Inspirasi Hijab Outfit : My Little Sister in Turquoise

The best thing about having a sister is that you can play dressing up and make up together! So my sister and I we were so excited when we knew my sister in law was getting married. 
My sister couldn't make it to come at first, due to the schedule in her class, but then her lecture decided that he would change the schedule to another day. That's why my sister could make it to come to the wedding. It's a little sad that my sister didn't wear the bridesmaid dress. But it's okay, we can still play dressing up :p.
My sister is a big girl now. She's now a marketing management student. I can't believe how time flies so fast.
Anyway, these are pictures of her I took last Saturday at my sister in law's wedding.

Inspirasi Hijab Outfit : A Peach Palette

Assalaamualaikum, Today I just want to make a quick post.
My sister in law got married yesterday. It was only the akad nikah, while the party itself  will be held tomorrow. I've taken pictures of the akad, but I will post it later because there were so many pictures to be chosen. So today I'm just going to post my peach outfit.
I rarely wear maxi skirt and I love being photographed wearing it. Hehehe... I wore an orange maxi skirt, a peach basic crepe shirt and a soft dusty pink veil. I found the gold plated belt at et cetera the other day and I love it. 
You know, I have a pear type of body and that means my hip is larger than my shoulder.Since my height is only 155cm and I don't have a that slim figure, it's good to show "where my waist is" rather than "I have large hip". 
Wearing a belt exactly on my waist on this kind of fit basic shirt gave me  the benefit of a peplum top. It gave a better silhouette because it shows my waist, not my large hip. Well…

Happy Birthday, Dear Hubby :)

Dear Papa, dear suamikuu,
Happy birthday ya. Hm.. I just can't find the right words to say how grateful, happy, and relieve I am to have you in my life.
For me, you are the best person showing me how to be patient, to be brave, to be confident, dan nunjukin bahwa semua hal itu bisa dipelajari asal bisa bersabar.

You are the best father for our daughter, you know. You made me sure that I can breastfeed her until the age of 2. You always make time to hear her stories and talk with her. You put her to bed, hold her hands and be there. You play football and dance the hi 5 songs with her too :D.

Terima kasih karena selalu ringan tangan dalam membantu mengerjakan pekerjaan di rumah, suka bantuin nyuciin piring kalo malem, suka nyiapin minum sebelum tidur buat berjaga-jaga kalo kebangun malam dan ngerasa haus. You accompanied me through my baby blues days, my breastfeeding nights, you got my back saying that "me time" is important for me, always be the photographer for your blogger…