Jumat, 04 Oktober 2013

Inspirasi Hijab Outfit : A Peach Palette

Today I just want to make a quick post.

My sister in law got married yesterday. It was only the akad nikah, while the party itself  will be held tomorrow. I've taken pictures of the akad, but I will post it later because there were so many pictures to be chosen. So today I'm just going to post my peach outfit.

I rarely wear maxi skirt and I love being photographed wearing it. Hehehe... I wore an orange maxi skirt, a peach basic crepe shirt and a soft dusty pink veil. I found the gold plated belt at et cetera the other day and I love it. 

You know, I have a pear type of body and that means my hip is larger than my shoulder. Since my height is only 155cm and I don't have a that slim figure, it's good to show "where my waist is" rather than "I have large hip". 

Wearing a belt exactly on my waist on this kind of fit basic shirt gave me  the benefit of a peplum top. It gave a better silhouette because it shows my waist, not my large hip. Well, I'm not a fashion expert so I don't know if it's right, to be honest. I'm just wearing what I think works for me :p.

Veil - kaffah
Basic crepe shirt - fiska fiska (old)
Gold plated belt - et cetera

Maxi skirt - simply vee wee.

Mama insisted to take a picture together,
but she forgot to put her Bebe's shoes on :p
I love the pink sarong and white kebaya my Bebe wore.
Oh, I wish there's an adult version of this sarong and kebaya.
It will be cute to wear them together.

Look at my Bebe's Expression.  She was still sleepy because
I woke her up and gave her a bath early in the morning.
We persuaded her with Roti Boy bun :p.

Ah, I forgot that I want to tell you my new favorite way to wrap a scarf. I love to wrap the scarf this way lately because it's very easy :). 

6 komentar:

HM Zwan mengatakan...

hahaha..tega nian sih mbk,bebe blm dipakein sepatu haaha...bebeeeee lucu banget sih ekspresinya itu loh ^^

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

Hehehe...iya dia bete kali yah dimandiin pagi banget langsung diajakin poto. Iya mba aku baru nyadar belum dipakein sepatu pas liat fotonya :p

Lidya Fitrian mengatakan...

Bebe keren wuy bajunya tapi sepatunya kemana? :)

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

Hihihi... *itulah mba #apaan coba :p

sari widiarti mengatakan...

bebe ekspresinyaaaa senyum dong, meskipun ngantuk :D

Mia Fauzia mengatakan...

Hehehe... bete dia mbaaa :D

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