Thursday, 10 October 2013

Considering Instant Hijab : Pilih-Pilih Hijab Instan

Do you wear instant hijab? Well I do. I used to wear bergo (instant hijab with short visor) when I didn't have time to wrap my hijab. But then I found this instant hijab about 7 months ago and I really love it. 

I know wrapping hijab can be troublesome for some people; mothers with little baby or little kids, journalist (like one of my best friend), or when we want to do some sports or exercise. Some people (like me) just love how something can be simplify. We all love the idea that we can be ready to go (and look good too) in just a few minutes, don't we?

For casual wear, I only need to put on jeans, a simple shirt,  the instant hijab and put on a simple headband. Since I wear hijab everyday, instant hijab  just makes my life easier. Hehehe...

Beside my simple cotton instant hijab for casual wear, there are some other styles of instant hijab (the glamour, formal, or playful pattern) that can be worn to many occasions. 

I looked on the Internet and I found these fabulous hijabs online. They have many products of muslim wear from famous muslim brands and they have many choices of instant hijabs.

This is satin peafowl by Aprilia
it's perfect for semi formal occasion.

2 tone colors by Zumara basic.

ARTKEA hoodie pearl,
I think it's perfect for a simple formal occasion.

By ARTKEA Classic
Perfect for the evening.

If you like it, you can add a simple headband over your instant hijab like me or add a sweet elegant headband like this,

Headband by Aprilia.
So that's my idea of the latest instant hijab. In fact I love the instant hijab so much that I gave that as a present for my best friend on her birthday last month :p. 


  1. aku suka nyontek tutorial hijabnya Mia :) kalau ada lagi di share ya

    1. Biasanya saya kan sukanya simpel, ga suka yg ribet, jdnya akhir2 ini jarang bereksperimen. Hihihi.. sip kalo ada nanti dishare mba :)

  2. Saya termasuk yg senang pake jilbab simpel, gak ribet, pokoknya instan :D

    1. Hehe... sama dong. Kalo lagi malas ikat saja belakang leher, beres :D

  3. kalo saya masih yg kaos biasa itu mbk,kalo bergo2 model beginian belum pernah hehehe....nggak pd saya hihihi...kapan2 kasih tips ya bt saya yg agak pemalu(g pd),sederhana n g neko2 hehe

  4. kerudung paris kesayanganku :D

  5. buat refrensi calon istrii aahh..:p cantik nih penampilannya :))
    salam EPICENTRUM
    mampir ya :))

  6. Aaaa ka Mia lama gak mampir nihhhh :p hihihihi... Iya simple dan instant hijab emangg yahuutt dehh yaa

    1. Iyaaa Echaaa.. setuju cha instant hijab enak bgt tinggal "blus" langsung jalan deh :D


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