Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My Sister in Law's Wedding Day

As I told you before, my sister in law got married on Thursday (akad ceremony) and we held the party on Saturday. 

The akad ceremony was held in my parents in law's house. They were only close friends and family were invited. There are hundreds of pictures in the camera, but I will only publish a few. Here they are,

We made du'a for the new couple.
May Allah blesses your every step, may both of you be a sakinah, mawaddah, warahmah family.

The new couple: Anwar and Yuniar. Look at those relieve faces :D
My father in law after sungkeman. I think it's always hard for a father to let her daughter get married.

We celebrate the reunion of the couple in a party we held on Saturday. These are some pictures of it. There are hundreds of picture too but I only pick some because there are just too many photos and I haven't got time to edit them all. And they had wedding photographer anyway :p.

The Bride in the peacock colors :).
The Bride.
My two Moms. My Mom (right) and My Mother in law (left).
Me as a bridesmaid.
So sorry that some pictures are in bad quality. Some are under exposure and some other were blurred :(. 

But it's okay. Karena ada wedding photographer dan bisa minta file hasil foto dari mereka. Hihihi... 

Buat Anwar dan Yuni, semoga pernikahannya barokah ya. Semoga kalian selalu rukun, langgeng dan bahagia ya. Aamiin..


  1. baarokallahulakuma....sakinah mawaddah warahmah amin.
    seperti biasa,simpel, cantik, dan modis hehehe..mana bebe mbk? ^^

    1. Potonya ada di foto bareng2 yang postingan sebelumnya mba. Foto2 yang berduanya banyak yang blur sama underexposure.hiks :(

  2. jadi ingat waktu nikah dulu, masa nikah memang sangat mengharukan, bukan saja pengantin yang nangis, orang tua juga berlinang air mata, entah apa yang terpikir saat itu yang pasti perasaan bercampur aduk ada, yang pasti bahagia

    1. Hehe.. iya ya mba. Emang kl nikah paling berasa ya pas akad nikahnya itu :)

  3. wah Cantiknya pengantinnya...

    selamat ya,...

  4. Selamat ya atas pernikahan adiknya. cantik nih pengantinnya

    1. Makasih mba Lidya. Iya suka deh warna peacocknya


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