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Emak Blogger Meet Up

Assalaamualaikum, Hi guys! How's your weekend? I guess some of us will enjoy a long weekend holiday with families and friends, well happy holiday then :).  Today I want to share stories from the KEB (Kumpulan Emak-Emak Blogger) meet up last Sunday. We met up at Taman Koleksi IPB, Bogor and it was fun! Sunday was 22 December: mother's day in Indonesia. So that day I got a girl's day out from Hubby. Hubby was willing to take care of Bebe for a few hours while I'm gone. Thank you, Hubby :*. So I went there with my friend, Dyah Pitaloka by train. We planned to go with Dessy and Fadlun At first, but Dessy was late because of the rain and Fadlun decided to go with bus because of the rain. But we finally managed to meet at the venue, though :). Taman Koleksi was located next to the Botani Square Mall. It was rain even harder in Bogor but Pipit and I made it :). We met many blogger moms whom we know from blogging. I also met some bloggers whom I never met or

My Mom and The Age of Fifteen : Pentingnya Usia 15 Tahun dalam Islam

Jikalau ditanya tentang cerita gw sama Mamah, sepertinya begitu banyak yang ingin diceritakan sehingga bingung mau cerita yang mana. Tapi setelah gw pikir-pikir, gw ingin bercerita mengenai Mamah dan umur gw yang ke lima belas.  Kenapa begitu? Karena umur lima belas dan beberapa tahun sebelumnya itu berat dan gw sering bertengkar dengannya di usia ini. Ceritanya, saat itu gw tidak merasa nyaman dengan pergaulan dengan teman-teman satu kelas. Selama masa awal di SMP itu rasanya tak ada yang bisa gw sebut sahabat dan itu menyebalkan. Ditambah lagi, saat itu ada sepupu gw yang dititipkan di rumah. Kehadiran satu remaja lagi yang lebih besar dan berbeda pemikiran dengan gw membuat semuanya tambah rumit. Dan, setelah kupikir sekarang, mungkin karena umur 15 itu masa puber dan gampang dipengaruhi orang. Begitu pentingnya masa ini sampai-sampai Jane Austen beberapa kali menyinggungnya dalam novel terkenal, Pride and Prejudice. Saat itu Mamah dan gw sering bertengkar. Banyak hal yang

Inspirasi Hijab Outfit : Memadankan Platform Wedges

Been not having a crush on good shoes for a long time when I found this wedges. I just can't tell how crazy I am about wedges, especially the flat one -because they're like flat shoes, only higher.  For me, comfort always comes first when it comes to choosing the right shoes. I bought some shoes but ended up not wearing them because they're uncomfortable for a long walk, especially when I go alone with my Bebe. So, I found this wedges a few weeks ago in GOSH store. I thought, "Interesting." But then I walked by because I thought I didn't need a new pair of shoes. Until, I found myself still thinking about the wedges along the following week! Hahaha... Ah well, I should have bought them in the first place when I saw them -_-'. Anyway, this is my fourth pair of shoes I bought from GOSH. This is not an advertorial, really. I just thought they have comfortable wedges with comfortable soles.  When it comes to buying shoes, comfort soles is numbe

Hijab Tutorial: Simple and Easy (Cara Mudah Melilit Shawl untuk Hijab)

Wow it's been almost one year since the last time I post hijab tutorial :). I think today we can find hijab tutorial almost every where on the Internet and book stores. And to be honest, I only have several ways of wrapping my hijab. I just love wrapping hijab with simple, clean, and easy style. I don't have any sophisticated way to wrap it. Hahaha... So, let's begin the tutorial :). 1. Put your hijab on your head with one side is shorter than the other. 2. Take the shorter side to your temple and secure it with a pin. 3. Take the longer side to the other direction,  4. T ake it  all the way to the back of your neck, to the other side. Here, you can decide how long do you want the hijab to be. 5. Done :) Hijab - Kaffah by Siti Juwariyah

Quote of The Day

It does important, to make peace with yourself. Be happy!