Saturday, 25 January 2014

hijabstyle by kacamatamia

At first, I wasn't confident enough to start a fashion blog, because I don't consider my self as a fashionable person. But then I realised that I love to review fashion, love taking my own and other people OOTD pictures, reading fashion magazines, and I need a place to do what I love. In addition, I found out from Mira Sahid (The Founder of Kumoulan Emak-Emak Blogger) that we, bloggers, need to have specialization; food blogger, fashion blogger, etc. in order to get certain audience for our product. So voila! This is the new fashion blog:

Why did I name it hijabstyle by kacamatamia?

I think some people have already known my blog with the name of kacamatamia and this blog, obviously, will talk about hijab and style from my perspective. So that's why I named it that way.

The blog basically will talk more about OOTD, fashion events, or fashion style that I love and wearable for women with hijab like me. The blog hasn't have enough widget and everything, but I've began to post in it.

So, happy reading, Guys! :)


  1. congrats Mom :D *melipir cantik ke blog fashion*

  2. of luck Mia..Love your style indeed!.I bet it will be flooded by visitors as well...cheers...

  3. bagus kak meng-inspirasi banget ^^

  4. heubat deh Mia...ikutan ngintip ah...

  5. try to find our niche are great idea! good luck for your new blog yaa. hhhe
    thank you for stopping by ka :)

  6. Diriku selalu suka sama foto2 mu Semangat dan lanjutkan ya hehehehe


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