Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Photography Project Lately

Hi, Guys! I've done a photography project lately and I want to share it with you. You know, I love taking photos of people, especially when they have good expressions. You may notice that many of my photos are people, hehehe.. I captured these photos around two or three months ago and I just love the calm tone of the colours.

The idea was to capture some women who love gadgets doing chit-chat, or just hangin' out talking about women stuffs.

Mrs. Lisdia, Mrs. Elhida, Mrs. Ine and Mrs. Pipit.

And these are some close up photos of them;

If you need my help with taking photos, you can contact me at: Thanks for reading, Guys :)).


  1. miss hanna belum ada ya??mauuu ^^

  2. kalo Miss Puji? belon ada juga kan mak? Maauuuuu....:p :p

  3. teman2nya cantik 2 deh..hasil fotonya juga ...

  4. wah ada pipit :) aku mau atuh di foto hehehe

    1. Boleh mba Lid, kita foto yuuu ^^ *serius lho

  5. Keren bangetlah....siapa dulu dong fotografernya..., sukses ya bu...


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