(English Friday) My Wildest Dream


Hi, Guys! It's English Friday again today. The writing challenge for today is: "Your Wildest Dream." 

Oh My! I think this challenge made me faint for that I am not very comfortable sharing my deepest thought about many things. But then I thought there's no harm in sharing it anyway. For it's the wildest thing you can think of and that's why they called it "Wildest Dream", isn't it?

My wildest dream is: Having My Own Talk Show.

I'm a Journalism graduate and I really love talking with people and sharing ideas. When I was a college student and a Journalist in several mass medias, my tasks made me meet many interesting people. People from the street to high street. 

Some of them making little money and some of them have a very satisfying lives. When I was an intern at several mass medias, I used to travel from Jakarta to Bandung by train weekly for months. 

I once met a TKW on a train and we were talking about working in Japan to how she made her passport and visa. She even gave me a hint of how to make them illegally :D.

I also talked to a Director of a BUMN. Yes, he sat beside me on a train too (I did some research to confirm). He said he had lived in United States for years and he just wanted to spend more time with his mom. He missed her, he said. It's interesting to see that this middle-aged man, who appeared to be a Director, took a train to Bandung because he missed his Mom. He said he wanted to accompany her while she's asleep. It's kinda sweet :).

And I once interviewed a General Manager of a company with another reporter and photographer. I saw how satisfied the GM was with his life. The photographer asked him to take his golf sticks placed in the corner of the room, and pose with it in front of his table with his name as a General Manager on it. After the photo session, the photographer walked to me and said, "This kind of man usually feel satisfied with himself. I know he would love to do it when I asked him to pose like that."

These are little things I love in Journalism. There are stories that lay beneath, more than just a fun talk. 

That's why I love Oprah Show. She isn't just make a Talk Show. She delivers journalism with a human touch. She has a research team, obviously. Oprah begins her show with some reports. She talks with people, sometimes involving her feelings in the show. She combines journalism, with entertainment, and many times, with heart. And the best thing is she often talks to women to encourage them to be better.

And that, Ladies and Gentleman, is my wildest dream. Having my own talk show, like Oprah. 

PS: Please don't laugh.



Anonim mengatakan…
Mia, I want to like your post but don't know how. Anyway, your days as a journalist must be very rewarding. Talk about Oprah, I am a big fan of her show too. I was present in one of her shows as an audience. Would never forget that.
Beby mengatakan…
Ah, Mbak Mia.. I would like to be your cameraman, by the way. Hihihi.. :P
Etty mengatakan…
it's always fascinating to me, how to handle your feelings as a journalist when it comes to collect and arrange informations to become an article. You know sometimes we as a human, had our own opinion, hates several people (for me, saiful jamil could be an example) how to handle and leave those feelings behind us?
As far as i know, it's hard to be neutral when it's comes to sensitive issues.
I love oprah too mia, she is really inspiring. Hopefully someday your dream would come true.
May be you can make "MAMAMIA" talk show hehehe, I always curious of being journalist. I think it's hard to be journalist, a lot of aspects are involved not only smart but also critical. right?
Desi mengatakan…
makk Mia..that is a great dream anyway... ;)))
I also love Oprah show ... I love the way she's talking with the guests, and how to handle the audience smartly.

Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Mba Mikaaan... you're so lucky :* .
Good old days Mba. I love the job but I hate the office hours xD. Lol
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Okay Beby, you're in! Hahahahaha xD
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
So you hate Saiful Jamil, Mba Etty? Hahahaha xD.
A journalist must see the news in the objective way. Leaving his own opinion behind. Personal opinions are usually shared between journalists off the record. Not on the news. But this is an ideal thought, Mba Etty.

In reality, media is a company. It needs money to run the business. Some need more commercials, some need funds. And this can affects the news that they deliver, in many ways. Including the way the journalist write the news. The best mass media, is the one that can keep their informations accurate and objective.

Aamiin... Mba Etty... nuhuun doanya :))
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Hahahaha... great name, Egi. So the show will be about Mamud or Mamah Muda? :D
Yes that's right Egi. They call it the devil's advocate. Being in the opposite usually makes it easier to dig informations :)
Mia Fauzia mengatakan…
Hahaaha :D... yeah it's my wildest, Mba Desi. Indeed Mba, I love how she handle the audience too :D
Tiananda mengatakan…
Aaahhh this is a great idea! Mamamia about mamah muda hehehee...

I love Oprah, too.... She touches many hearts :')
hallo ibun mengatakan…
Oprah is the best, kak Mia. I love her show too.
by the way, I love your post also the comments of this post, wish your dream come true. But, when it's become real, don't forget me ya kak.. hehehe
Uwien Budi mengatakan…
It is a dream that is challenging , as well as fun . I think this cool was possible as Oprah and wide as hijaber.
Jade Ayu mengatakan…
Mamamia is a great name.. fit to your name in our calhaj gang. hahaha... your dream ia so cool mamah mia. *i haven't write mine..
Ola Aswandi mengatakan…
Why on earth I would laughing at your dream mba Miaaa.. Hehehe.. You're dream is so great and noble! I hope one day you can make your dream comes true :)

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