(English Friday) My First Blogger Meet Up


Have you been to a blogger meet up? I think I will always remember my first meet up with bloggers. It was December 2012 at the Blogdetik's event, #BloggerBicaraFashion

I still remember how excited, and yet confused, I was because I was a new blogger. I didn't really know how bloggers interact to each other. And to be honest, I didn't blog-walk so much.

Fortunately, I went there with a blogger-friend who is also my neighbor, Mak Dyah Pitaloka. When we arrived at the venue, FX Sudirman, Mak Dyah introduced me to Mak Myra Anastasia and Mak Fadlun. Well, they are literally my first blogger-friends :D.

There was a talkshow with two designers and a fashionista on the event. Blogdetik also did makeovers on some bloggers. They made them wear designer's clothes, and asked them to walk on the catwalk like models. 

Eventually, I noticed that some bloggers who walked on the catwalk that day, are pretty famous among Indonesian Bloggers. Two of them are Mira Sahid (the Founder of Kumpulan Emak Blogger) and Hardy Julia.

After the event, Mak Fadlun, Mak Dyah and I took the same train home. We talked about many things about blogging along the way. Ah, It was a fun day :D.
(Left to Right)
1. At the wall of fame with Mak Myra Anastasia and Mak Fadlun.
2. Mak Dyah and Mak Fadlun.
3. Mak Dyah on the way to the event.
4. Me and Mak Fadlun on our way home.
So that's the story of my first blogger meet up. I'm happy to say that we are still friends until today. If you are a blogger and have never came to a meet up, you should consider to come.  It is true what bloggers always said about the beauty of blogging. Blogging brings you new friends :).



Lia Harahap mengatakan…
Aku ngeblog udah lama, tapi gak pernah kodar-an. Seneng juga bisa punya temen baru melalui blog, sesuai kalimat terakhir Mbak Mia :)
Febriyan mengatakan…
Blogging brings new friends indeed.
HM Zwan mengatakan…
asik ya,sering kopdar...^^
DIJA mengatakan…
Dija pingin kopdar juga jadinya

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