[EF#13] Talking About Exercise


Hi, Guys! Today is Friday, so it's time for English Friday. This friday topic is the sports we choose.

When I was a middle school/high school student, I lived in my home town Tasikmalaya. I love the ambience of the little town back then. The streets were less crowded, less motorcycles, and there were fresher air. 

I used to ride my bicycle everywhere, to go to my English lessons, Bimbel lessons, or some friends house. O yeah, I was in a pretty good shape back then. Hahahaha xD. 

When I finished high school, some of my wonderful teenage memories ended. And sadly, my cycling routines had come to an end too. I was accepted at Unpad and so I needed to move to Bandung/Jatinangor and lived in a boarding house (a.k.a ngekos). 

And there was my unhealthy lifestyle began. College is fun of course. Some of my best memories and dreams were built there. But the unhealthy lifestyle is something I couldn't change for some years. The junk foods, the late sleeps, too much coffees, and without any exercise. I spent 4,5 years living like that as a college student.

The next 5 years didn't get any better. I worked and lived in Jakarta. And as I worked I got more tired, I drank less water, I ate junk foods (because it's just easier, tasted good, and basically nobody cooked for me) and I drank more coffees (means more sugars). 

It's when I have my daughter I started to think about my unhealthy lifestyle. When I breastfed her, I got my normal weight back. It was AMAZING! But then I notice I gain more weight after the weaning. 

It's been two years now since the weaning and I drink less coffee and milk. I drink more water, vegetables (though many times I can't resist to have some guilty pleasures like a piece of cake, chocolate and Indomie!). I manage to cook my food with less salt and without MSG. 

So am I living a healthy lifestyle now? Err... Not so much as I wanted. Compared with the way I was, I do feel better now. But looking at my age now, I definitely must consider more about my health. 

It was when I won a writing competition and I spent some time in Puncak to do yoga with @penyogastar I began to feel the lift up of my spirit, the heat in my body, the joyful feeling of exercising I've never felt for so long.

So I began to do a simple yoga at home and walking/running as my exercise.

I began to walk or run in the morning in my neighbourhood. Walking/running in the morning as the sun's coming out like this photo is the best feeling.

And when I don't have time to walk or run, sometimes I do simple yoga at home.


I know it's not much of exercise. But just like what one of my friends said, "Exercise, though it is performed in the simplest way, at least it kept you from gaining more weight."

Yeah, maybe it's not the best exercise to get me in shape. But at least it kept me from gaining more weight and the best of all, I feel happier :).


Lia Harahap mengatakan…
Itu lari sambil ngeliat pemandangan yang seger enak bangeeet, Mbak.
Dulu perumahanku masih bisa liat sawah dan hawanya seperti kayak di puncak. Tapi sekarang yang namanya Jakarta kalo engga dibangun mall kayaknya belom puas ya. Hiks...
Febriyan mengatakan…
Walking is also a form of exercise. I am starting doing it again.

Unknown mengatakan…
ka tempat larinya adem banget deh, larinya bikin badan sehat, pemandangannya bikin mata sehat
NiaNastiti mengatakan…
Gapapa olahraga dikit2 Mba Mia, yg penting rutin ;)
Lidya Fitrian mengatakan…
wah kalau aku lari disini yang dilihat jalan tol mia :)
Beby mengatakan…
Larinya enak tuh Mbak, berasa adem.. Apalagi banyak ijo-ijo. Ngga bosyen yak, apalagi ngirup polusi :D

Ajarin yoga dongs, Mbaaaak.. Ngeliat di yutup rada-rada ngga ngeh. Huahahaha :D
echaimutenan mengatakan…
Tempat larinyaaz bagus....horeee menuju sehat 2015
Bener kan lari mia bukan jalan? :0
Roswitha Jassin mengatakan…
Asik banget Mia, morning walk in such a beautiful view..
Keke Naima mengatakan…
saya gak begitu kuat kalau lari. Mending berenang aja :D
jellygamatgoldg31 mengatakan…
pemandangannya ok adem :)
Alris mengatakan…
Foto nomor dua cakep. Suka suasananya.
Memez mengatakan…
hayuuuh atuh kita yoga bareng di Celfit tiap Rabu :)))

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