My name's Mia Fauzia. I named this blog KACAMATAMIA simply because I write what I write from my point of view, and literally, I do wear glasses :p.

I am a bachelor of communications, I studied journalism and I like to write and photograph many things: parenting, daily life, family, review, and of course, hijab fashion and OOTD. I like writing reports of events too, especially fashion events. 

I was  a Journalist for Bisnis Indonesia daily newspaper, but then I decided to be a Banker. After several years of banking, I decided to be a stay at home mom and do what I always love to do: writing.

I started this blog on September 2012 and continue to write until now. I have won several blogger writing competitions and had my writing published on a lifestyle magazine. 

I still want to be a better writer and write things that matter to many people. And I hope you enjoy reading my blog :).


Mia Fauzia


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